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Climatic Chambers

Kambic climatic chambers
High quality climate chambers with praised metrological performance. Offering various temperature ranges and volumes.

Calibration Climatic Chambers

Kambic calibration climatic chamber
Kambic Calibration Climatic Chambers allow you to calibrate a range of products, such as air temperature and relative humidity sensors.

Peltier Chambers

Kambic Peltier Chambers UK
For environmental simulation, material and stability testing. Peltier system means they are quiet, space-saving, environmentally friendly and economical.

Temperature Chambers

Kambic temperature chambers
Precise and stable temperature chambers available in various volumes covering the temperature range -75°C to +180°C.

Plant growth chambers

Plant Growth Chamber
Solution for botanical and agricultural applications, plant pathology, plant tissue culture studies, seed germination studies and plant genetic research.

Stability Chambers

Stability Chamber
Kambic Stability Chambers are the perfect tool for stability testing, the chambers provide a stable, temperature and humidity-controlled environment.

ALS Plant Growth & Stability

Plant Growth & Stability Chamber
ALS's high-quality chambers are efficiently designed, providing small external dimensions, easy use, reduced consumption of energy and high reliability.

Climatic & Thermostatic Chamber

Bulkfrost trans
The high-quality chambers are efficiently designed, providing a range of model sizes and an excellent control panel and software

Mortuary Chambers & Equipment

Mortuary Chamber
Prefabricated mortuary chambers, running special internal handling and turnkey systems for the morgue. Mortuary equipment such as corpse exhibiton and dissection tables

Air Baths

Kambic Air Baths UK
The Temperature Controlled Chambers have exceptional performance and unbeatable value and are a perfect solution for an ultra-stable environment.

Prefabricated Cold Storage Rooms

Cold Rooms
Wide range of cold storage rooms used to preserve vaccines, drugs and other products for the pharmaceutical healthcare industry.

Walk in Chambers

Walk in Chamber
Kambic walk in chambers allow you to simulate different climates and environments with ease and precision to understand the impact on the safety or quality of your products.


Calibration Baths

Calibration baths
Exceptional stability and uniformity supported by an impressive range of models of varying sizes and temperature range.

Micro Calibration Baths

Micro calibration baths
Compact, portable fluid calibration baths that offer impressive technical performance. Offer the best possible measurement certainties while calibrating on-site.

Black Body Calibration Baths

Black body calibration baths
Solutions for IR thermometers and other thermographic equipment. Two temperature ranges and various shapes of cavities available.

Infrared Thermometer Calibrator

Infared Thermometer Calibrator
Black body cavity for calibrating non contact infrared thermometers.

Standard Resistor Maintenance Bath

Ultra-Stable Standard Resistor Maintenance Bath
This dedicated standard resistor maintenance bath is a state of the art solution using a unique vertical flow design.

Fridges & Freezers:

Ultra Low Chamber (ULC)

ultra low chamber
Engineered specifically for pharmaceutical and life science applications, the ULC is the sole -20°C to -80°C, forced air convection, ultra-low temperature freezer on the market today.

4000 Series Freeze Thaw Chamber

Chamber 2
The Controlled Rate Chamber provides consistent, accurate, and brisk freezing and thawing of bulk materials and samples before cold storage.

Ultra-low Temperature Freezers

Ultra low temperature freezer
This line is ideally suited for the long-term precision temperature storage for biopharmaceutical and life science research applications

Laboratory Freezers

FARRAR Lab Grade +4 Refrigerator (Upright)_
This line are ideally suited for the precision temperature storage for biopharmaceutical and life science research applications.

Laboratory Fridges

Laboratory fridges
This line are ideally suited for the storage and preservation of biological samples and reagents, vaccines and medicines due to the incredibly high accuracy and reliability of the units.

Laboratory Fridges & Freezers

X-cold medical and laboratory refrigerator
ALS X-COLD are a complete selection of laboratory refrigerators, freezers and combined fridge/ freezers, primarily for the preservation of biological samples and reagents.

ULT Freezers

Nexus Evo Medical ULT Freezer
The NEXUS ultra-low temperature freezer range is ideally suited for the long-term storage of various biological samples.

Ultra-Low Medical Freezer

Nexus Evo
Certified as a medical device according to directive 93/42/EEC, the ultra-low temperature freezer is ideal for long-term storage at very low temperatures.

Eco Ultra-Low Freezer

nexus green energy efficient ult freezer
NEXUS green is an energy efficient ULT freezer. These models use ‘Inverter technology’ which is extremely energy-efficient, as well as natural low GWP refrigerants.

Reach-in freezer unit

Reach-in Freezer Units
The line of reach-in freezer units/ prefabricated cells designed by ALS offer larger scale freezer storage solutions, maintaining high efficiency and performance in temperature stability.

Blood & Plasma Bank Fridges & Freezers:

Blood Bank Fridge Freezers

EmoPlasmaBank Blood Fridge Freezers
Refrigerator freezer units with one compartment at +4°C and another at -20°C, used for storing blood, plasma, hemoderivatives and plasma derivatives.

Blood Bank Fridges

EmoBank Blood bank Fridges
Blood bank fridges used for storing blood, plasma, hemoderivatives and plasma derivatives. High quality and reliability as well as guaranteeing maximum safety.

Plasma Blast Freezing Unit

PlasmaFrost Plasma Freezer
Provides complete back traceability of each freezing cycle and offers maximum freezing efficiency due to innovative uniformity plates and horizontal freezing for the best temp uniformity.

Bloodbank Freezers

PlasmaBank blood bank freezer
PlasmaBank is a line of -30°C blood bank freezers, used for storing blood, plasma, hemoderivatives and plasma derivatives.

Automated Blood Bank Fridge

Hemosafe 2.0 Automated Blood Bank
A computerised and automated blood bank refrigerator that allows you to allocate and pick the right bag for the right patient at the point of care and time of actual need.

Liquid Nitrogen Freezer

Smartfreezer evo cryogenic freezer
The Smartfreezer is the only fully automated ultra low temperature or cryogenic freezer for individual storage and retrieval of vials at -180°C in liquid nitrogen (vapor phase).


Composite Ovens

Kambic Composite Ovens UK
High temperature curing ovens manufactured in six standard chamber sizes with maximum operating temperature of 300°C. Ideally suited for curing composite materials.

High Temperature Ovens

Kambic High Temperature Ovens UK
Precision ovens manufactured in four standard chamber sizes with maximum operating temperature of 600°C. Wide range of custom modifications can be added.

Vacuum Ovens

Vacuum Ovens/ Vacuum Dryer
Vacuum ovens are manufactured in three standard chamber sizes with maximum operating temperature of 200°C and have significantly increased drying rate.


Medical Waste Steriliser

Waster Medical Waste Sterliser
Waster® is a new generation for medical waste treatment. It is the most advanced medical waste sterliser design carried out by Angelantoni Life Science.

Pass Boxes

Kambic Pass Boxes UK
Controls the ingress of particulate contamination into clean rooms and other controlled environments. The avoidance of contamination is paramount in order to maintain the integrity of products and processes.

Laminar Flow Hoods & Cabinets

Laminar Flow
Providing aseptic work areas and containing infectious splashes or aerosols produced by microbiological procedures. As well as shielding the working environment from airborn contaminants.

Freeze Dryers

Kambic Laboratory Freeze Dryers UK
Freeze dryers are a solution for meeting research and development phase freeze drying in the increasingly demanding R&D centres in industry and academia.

Commerical Freeze Dryers

Commercial freeze dryer
Commerical Freeze dryers are a refined solution for rapid and repeatable freeze drying of: Dairy products, vegetables & fruits, Fish & meat, floral and research.