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Expert Temperature Mapping Services

Withnell Sensors are temperature and humidity specialists, we provide specialised temperature mapping services for any environment. We help you deliver operational, regulatory and quality control requirements and follow WHO mapping guidelines.

We distribute temperature and humidity monitoring devices from a number of the world’s leading manufacturers, as well as high quality temperature-controlled chambers, medical fridges and more. We also have our own UKAS accredited calibration laboratory and offer temperature mapping services. Our engineers are highly experienced, and can offer temperature mapping services for any required environment- from fridges to warehouses. We use all of our own equipment, so can not only offer the service but all the products and support needed for a project. As temperature and humidity experts we can offer advice and support, hire equipment for you to complete your own mapping project or manage the task from survey through to final report. Our independent engineers are experienced and trained to use a range of test equipment.

Humidity mapping

Withnell Sensors also provide humidity mapping services to partner a temperature mapping study. You will require humidity mapping for storage units that contain products which may be affected by humidity, often storage areas such as stability & humidity chambers. Humidity conditions should be considered in the risk assessment to assess whether mapping is neccesary. Humidity data loggers should of course be calibrated for the range you are testing when performing humidity mapping.

Why temperature mapping studies are necessary

Temperature mapping studies are required for any space allocated for the storage and handling of products or biological samples with a specified labelled storage temperature. This includes refrigerators, freezers, incubators, cold rooms, temperature controlled storage areas, quarantine areas, warehouse spaces and loading bays. Temperature mapping is also critical in spaces without active temperature control systems. Thermal validation establishes the temperature distribution across the being mapped and locates any hot or cold spots. The data collected provides an essential source of information to ensure that all products are correctly stored within their labelled temperature range(s). Based on the results of the thermal validation, decisions can be made regarding permanent monitoring solutions to safeguard your products or samples consistently. Studies should be conducted seasonally or following significant changes to account for any local changes in environment. Reports from thermal validation studies are often requested by quality assurance departments, external auditors and sometimes even from customers.

What we offer

We have a range of temperature mapping services that can be tailored to suit your project requirements, saving you time and delivering cost effective but necessary support. All of the temperature mapping equipment we use is maintained with a UKAS accredited calibration and we hold an extensive range of loggers in stock to ensure that we have enough equipment to support the largest mapping projects.

Compliance breeze

Our temperature mapping services ensure compliance for a number of industries, with Laboratories, Healthcare & Pharmaceutical companies we ensure compliance with MHRA and GxP guidelines. We also conduct temperature & humidity mapping for warehouses and loading bays to assist with regulatory compliance according to GDP and GMP standards. Temperature mapping of trailers, cold rooms, temperature controlled storage areas and food storage and processing areas complies with BRC and GMP standards.

How our temperature mapping will support your business:


Situations that require temperature mapping

New Equipment

Mapping qualifies new critical equipment upon installation. Governing bodies for many industries require all new temperature storage areas to be mapped.

Serviced Equipment

After a storage unit is serviced, it is best practice to conduct a mapping study to requalify the unit and ensure optimal performance.

Relocated Equipment

Many temperature-controlled units like fridges and freezers are often moved around a premises. Performance can be significantly impacted so temperature mapping is a preventative measure.

Periodic Testing

Continuous remapping is recommended annually for most storage enclosures, although the temperature mapping study frequency will often be determined by the type of storage unit.

Seasonal Conditions

For larger storage areas such as warehouses, the environmental conditions can be affected by seasonal changes. It is therefore advisable to test these areas on a consistent basis. In winter, heating systems will be required to perform and in summer, cooling systems need to be tested during the peaks of environmental temperatures to ensure adequate storage temperature levels are maintained.

New Storage Item

If a different product is stored or sterilised, then the characteristics/ performance of the storage unit can change and testing is required to prove that the equipment can perform to specification to the new product.

Storage Unit TypeMapping Study DurationEstimated Sensors
Small (Fridges, Freezers, Chambers)1-3 days9+ loggers
Medium (Cold storage, walk ins)1 day-1 weekSize of unit dependant
Large (Warehouses)1-3 weeksSize of unit dependant
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