DataTrace Data Logger Hire

DataTrace data logger hire

We provide datatrace data logger hire- allowing you to use the equipment for temporary periods of time rather than purchasing new equipment. The DataTrace® products are self-contained, high precision stainless steel data loggers used in critical manufacturing and quality control applications. Data trace data logger hire can be a better option than a full purchase- however both options are available for the Datatrace range.

They measure temperature, humidity and pressure inside a process or inside a product during manufacturing. Loggers are available to monitor temprature, humidity and pressure.

data loggers and thermocouples

Two types of logger are available:

  • MPIII Data Loggers are programmed by the user to collect data with the help of a PC interface and the DataTrace Pro (DT Pro) software package. They are then placed with the specific product or process, and upon completion are retrieved and the recorded data downloaded to a PC.
  • MPRF Data Loggers can be used in exactly the same way, but can additionally stream data via radio frequency transmission in real time.

Our Datatrace rental loggers are in extremely good condition and we provide data logger hire at an affordable price without the need to commit to a full purchase. All data logger hire products come with a UKAS accredited calibration certificate, meaning you can be assured that the data loggers have passed the most stringent quality testing in our laboratory. We allow a minimum rental time of just one week- providing flexibility and you have the choice of a PC and software inclusion with the data logger hire.