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Temperature and humidity equipment

Utilising a temperature and humidity system that coherently logs and measures data at the core of the control mechanism is a useful approach to climate-controlled environments. Temperature and humidity equipment can take the form of equipment, instrumentation, or infrastructure.   

For many applications, a temperature and humidity system must be a comprehensive, integrated solution that goes beyond the requirement for ongoing or consistent temperature and humidity monitoring.  

A piece of equipment will create a centred control point at which all respective data is collected, automated and tracked offering maximum control over deviations, discrepancies and other errors.  

Although temperature and humidity equipment often employ real-time monitoring, they also integrate with several other software rather than operate stand-alone, offering a complete solution. The system can account for safeguarding employees, products, operations and other pieces of equipment

Our team of engineers have spent over 15 years helping customers. By sourcing products from a variety of sector-specific brands, we can identify the necessary products for a temperature and/or humidity system which offers state-of-the-art technology, advancing ongoing monitoring into actively regulated conditions. 

Types of Temperature and Humidity Equipment 

A central temperature and humidity system can take the form of many pieces of equipment depending on which sector is looking to employ in-depth protection of their sensitive product.  

For example, a complete systematic solution can take the form of a stability chamber in a biotechnology research lab and can be combined with the use of a temperature and humidity sensor to create a real-time flow of logged data.  

Whereas in more technical and stringently regulated markets, such as the aerospace and defence arena, a stability chamber can reach dimensions of 200m2 and exist as a standalone temperature and humidity control system which embodies a transmitter/probe, communication converter and alarm system as well as have the capability to activate relative humidification systems, uniform temperatures and readjust convection air flows for example.  

There are a number of different types of equipment which classify as controlled temperature and humidity units, these can vary from: 

Temperature and humidity control chambers

A temperature chamber or humidity chamber offers the ability for users to control the specific the conditions of a space. Also known as a stability chamber, the temperature and humidity parameters are kept consistent to protect the viability of the stored product. 

Temperature and humidity test chambers

Also known as a climatic chamber or environmental chamber, the environmental test chamber is employed to ensure that a system can manipulate the parameters of an enclosed space to test a product under varying conditions. 

Walk-in chambers 

These expansive chambers convert floorspace into an operational chamber to maximise storage or testing volume and litre-capacity. From cold room chambers to ultra-low temperature chambers, a bespoke testing chamber or something else. These spaces are often complete solutions that actively control a number of internal parameters such as a illumination, CO2 and more. 

Monitoring systems

By combining the use of multiple temperature and humidity measurement tools, including data loggers, businesses can often reap the rewards of temperature or humidity sensors in conjunction with one another which provides real time tracking, logging, and analysis. This is a flexible and customisable approach to temperature and humidity monitoring systems which exist outside of the chamber itself.  

Data loggers, associated equipment and hardware

data loggers for temperature and humidity monitoring

Validation Packages

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Calibration solutions including equipment and UKAS-accredited services

On-going maintenance packages and resource recovery solutions

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Our team members play a crucial role in ensuring that monitoring systems and instruments are functioning optimally. Their technical know-how can be catered to a variety of sectors, with their input and guidance being of crucial support during the pre and post-sale journey.

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The expertise of Withnell’s temperature and humidity Engineers

Withnell Sensors prides itself on understanding and digesting each customer's needs and requirements and offering an unbiased solution to their measurement problems.  

Our expansive range of temperature and humidity equipment only reinforces our application and industry knowledge, which can be employed to help you identify the best fit for your premises.  

We understand that choosing a temperature and/or humidity system is a large OPEX investment which considers temperature range, scalability, floor space, calibration and maintenance and much more. As part of the Withnell way, we can help you navigate the purchase factors considered when opting for the right temperature and humidity system to suit you! 

Why choose a complete system?

A complete temperature and humidity system, no matter how expansive, is an ideal solution for sectors where efficiency and automation are paramount. Removing the need for manual monitoring and advancing on the consistent data logging approach, a system could be right for you.

If you're looking for complete and undisrupted monitoring and tracking, reactive software to overcome fluctuations and in-depth reporting we can help you discover a product or combine multiple instruments!

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