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Temperature and humidity measurement services

Across a variety of sectors, temperature and humidity measurements are essential in controlling the product quality, safety standards, regulatory compliance and reliability of processes.  

Although industry-specific standards will vary temperature and humidity measurements are a critical aspect of meeting and exceeding such standards. The data gathered from temperature and humidity measurements ensure the overall success of operation, production, manufacturing, storage and supply chains.  

If you’re looking to understand the various temperature and humidity monitors, sensors, and validation equipment available to suit your sector needs, speak to our team of experts. They can help you navigate our range of market-leading brands and products.  

As temperature and humidity specialists, we’re proud to help various businesses on their journey to achieving accurate and consistent environmental conditions. We’ve worked with a variety of sectors to help them understand the importance of their measurement data and the effects that temperature and humidity discrepancies can have.  

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The quality, efficacy and safety of our medical portfolio, including vaccines, therapeutics and medications, is dependant on accurate temperature and humidity storage and testing.

Laboratory & Healthcare

The environmental conditions of biological samples, tissues and specimens are paramount to their stability in R&D, biotechnology, diagnostics, veterinary, pharmacy and other settings.

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage sector deploys process manufacturing which can often mean raw materials and final products require extended storage prior to transportation.

Advanced Manufacturing

Technical markets outside of the scientific sector are often as stringently regulated for temperature and humidity control, including advanced engineering and manufacturing.

The importance of temperature and humidity measurement  

The motivations behind requirements for such controlled environmental conditions can differ between industries and sectors. The common thread, however, is that through the most ideal temperature and humidity monitoring solution, businesses can achieve their operational objectives and meet their industry-specific quality standards.  

As the most highly regulated sector, the pharmaceutical industry is often the most closely associated with regulatory compliance to maintain the effectiveness and stability of drugs. In this instance, uncontrolled temperature and humidity measurements can risk patient safety, however, sectors such as the food and beverage industry, warehouses, aerospace and healthcare environments are also tightly regulated. 

Choosing the right temperature and humidity measurement solution

Implementation of the right solution or system can be a difficult process. Our team of expert Engineers, Sales Support Specialists and Calibration technicians have been overcoming the challenge of finding the ideal temperature and humidity system to suit each sector's specific needs.  

It all starts with understanding what mechanisms need to be controlled, and how regularly the controlled environment needs to be measured. There are several factors to consider before choosing a measurement system: 

  • Data logging: accuracy, history and data storage 
  • Monitoring frequency: continuous, periodic or real-time 
  • Zones: hazard analysis and critical control points, temperature maps and remote monitoring 
  • Management systems: integrated, stand-alone or unformed control panels 

Our temperature and humidity measurement solutions

Temperature and humidity monitoring 

Monitoring involves the continuous observation and recording of temperature and humidity levels in a given environment. It provides the benefits of real time tracking, logging and analysis of data as well as provides peace of mind and instant alerts for deviations. Our monitoring solutions can incorporate a number of our products and services to create a bespoke system built to your needs.   

Sector relevance: Pharmaceutical, laboratories, advanced engineering, warehouse storage, manufacturing environments and more.  

Temperature and humidity sensors 

Sensors are devices which take direct temperature and humidity measurements. These can be standalone devices or integrated into a wider monitoring solution. They’re ideally suited for applications where specific areas or equipment require precise measurement.  

Sector relevance: Warehouses, manufacturing, healthcare, laboratory equipment, advanced engineering storage, component or material testing, food and beverage and more.  

 Temperature and humidity equipment

Systems take the form of a range of different types of instrumentation, such as a chamber or cold room, or even a group of multiple pieces of equipment integrated. The primary purpose of a system is to deploy an advanced systematic mechanism which exists as an interconnected temperature and humidity network. Typically exceeding standard monitoring equipment, going beyond continuous measuring to include alarms, data reporting, advanced technology, routine measurement taking, and pre-set condition limits.  

Sector relevance: Aerospace and defence, biorepositories, pharmaceutical manufacturing, research and development, long term stability storage of goods and more. 

Temperature validation equipment

Dedicated equipment is required to validate the temperature profile of a space or chamber to ensure it is fit for purpose and compliant.   

For many companies this equipment will be procured, maintained and operated by a department independent of general operations to ensure impartiality of data and continued availability of equipment and resources.   

The requirement of this type of equipment differs from that of equipment for continuous monitoring applications.  Our team offer a range of solutions including fully inclusive rental equipment, employing their extensive experience with temperature and humidity validation. 

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