Your Temperature and Humidity Specialists

Withnell Sensors is a multi-faceted, international organisation operating across various sectors to facilitate reliable, accurate and regulatory temperature and humidity products and services.


Founded in 2006, our mission is to fulfil the temperature and humidity needs of a range of businesses, providing a one stop shop approach to the various aspects of managing temperature and humidity. Our founder has over 30 years of specialist experience in temperature and humidity equipment, with a strong background in pharmaceutical and biotechnology compliance.

Over the past couple of decades, our expanding team has used their knowledge of two of the most strictly monitored and carefully controlled sectors to identify a range of other industries whose production, processing, storage and operations are regulated in a similar manner.

With each market-leading brand we partner with our aim is always to broaden our product and service offerings to meet the needs of sectors such as food and beverage, aerospace, advanced engineering, manufacturing, warehouses, material production, veterinary, healthcare and more.

Our Customer Care Promise

A fundamental part of our business ethos involves offering an end-to-end supportive buying journey. That means we’ll help you during every stage leading up to the purchase of the right product or service and continue to guide you after the sale.

We actively incorporate all feedback we gather to ensure that we deliver even better results in the future. Our customer surveys, live chats, phone lines and site visits are all in place to ensure we consistently offer the highest levels of service. When you purchase through Withnell Sensors, you become a part of the family.

These efforts transcend our industry network as we also maintain strong relationships with brands that offer the most stringent regulatory-compliant instruments, systems and products to continue serving pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. 

This journey has helped us achieve our specialist status as each and every team member offers sector-specific advice and guidance to customers across the globe. It also aids us in delivering the highest standard of expertise to identify temperature and humidity solutions that will implement quality assurance.

Check out our brands:

  • Kaye instruments
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  • Vaisala
  • DataTrace
  • Kambic
  • Elitech
  • Ametek
  • fluke reduced
  • Farrar

Temperature and Humidity Laboratories

Comprised of an ISO/IEC 17025:2017 UKAS accredited laboratory, our head offices are located in Withnell, Chorley, on the outskirts of Lancashire. Here we conduct a range of services including calibrations and climatic testing. Our service team are based here to offer direct support and advice to our customers.

All equipment and methods used are inspected and validated to ensure we are competent, impartial and reliable when offering customers measurement data.

Here we also house a number of our products which are available for purchase or rental. We know that our customers often require reactive and responsive services in cases of repair and maintenance as well as in-person purchase of equipment. This is why we offer price competitive service agreements, rapid turnarounds and lead times. We are always confident we can accommodate your requests, take our partnership with Porton Biopharma, where a system upgrade was required in just two weeks.

Innovation in Temperature and Humidity

We’re passionate about enabling businesses access to the very best products and services to transform the way they capture temperature and humidity related data. Our range can be accessed through:

Product Categories

Rental equipment

Data loggers & thermocouples

Fridges, freezers and chambers

Calibration equipment & services

Here's an example of one of the innovative solutions we offer:

‘’Withnell Sensors were able to mobilise a project immediately…allowing for installation, configuration, commissioning and calibration of an upgraded DMS less than two weeks after PBL made the initial contact.’’

Porton Biopharma

As trusted temperature and humidity specialists, we ensure that all the products and services we offer will help our customers reach the highest level of quality assurance, enabling them to meet industry standards and regulatory certifications.

We aim to facilitate reliable and effective methods of temperature and humidity management regardless of the individual companies' needs and requirements. We can help you on your journey towards optimised products and processes which take into account the commercial aims of your business.