Scientific & Medical Freezers

Withnell Sensors are thrilled to introduce FARRAR laboratory freezers. The low temperature solutions include freezers, ultra low temperature freezers and bulk reach-in storage and production freezers for drug product/drug substance and process development facilities.

Ultra Low Chamber (ULC)

Farrar 190 ulc ultra low chamber
Engineered specifically for pharmaceutical and life science applications, the ULC is the sole -20°C to -80°C, forced air convection, ultra-low temperature freezer on the market today.

4000 Series Freeze Thaw Chamber

4000lc Farrar controlled rate freezer
The Controlled Rate Chamber provides consistent, accurate, and brisk freezing and thawing of bulk materials and samples before cold storage.

Ultra-low Temperature Freezers

Ultra low temperature freezer
This line is ideally suited for the long-term precision temperature storage for biopharmaceutical and life science research applications

Laboratory Freezers

Laboratory freezers
This line are ideally suited for the precision temperature storage for biopharmaceutical and life science research applications.

ULT Freezer

TwinCool ULT Freezer
Our TwinCool ULT freezer sets the standard with its innovative features, including frequency conversion compressors, hydrocarbon refrigerants (HC), and dual refrigeration system technology.

Biomedical Freezer

Biomedical freezers
High-performance biomedical freezers with direct cooling and manual defrost features. Large selection of sizes and configurations (chest and upright) to meet your requirements.

Spark Free Freezer

spark free freezer
The spark free freezer offers a secure solution for storing potentially flammable substances and temperature-sensitive samples at ultra-low temperatures.

Ln2 Cryogenic Freezer

ln2 cryogenic freezer
The Biobank series of Ln2 Cryogenic freezer, are for large-scale storage. The Series maximise storage capacity while minimising liquid nitrogen consumption for cost-effective operation.