UKAS Humidity Calibration

Why use UKAS Humidity Calibration Services

UKAS Humidity Calibration is required for many industries to validate the accuracy and efficiency of humidity monitoring equipment. Humidity is a highly monitored and controlled parameter in many industries. Humidity fluctuations affect air and some components exposed to it. It can have an impact on personal comfort, product quality, regulatory compliance, and safety. Increasingly, we are also seeing many businesses controlling workplace conditions from an environmental perspective. Unnecessary and inefficient heating/cooling of spaces can have a negative impact on climate change.

Accurate, calibrated humidity monitoring devices are essential across a diverse range of applications and industries. Humidity monitoring in key industries such as food, pharmaceuticals & chemicals, can be vital to avoid even potentially harmful consequences. Monitoring and controlling humidity help prevent condensation, corrosion, mould, or spoilage of products that can perish if kept in the wrong conditions.

UKAS accredited ISO humidity calibration is the most reliable way to ensure that your humidity monitoring equipment is performing as per your specified requirements. Many regulated industries including pharmaceutical, medical laboratories and healthcare now insist on an accredited humidity calibration as a way of delivering complete quality assurance. UKAS audit our facilities, competency and processes every year to ensure we deliver consistently against the standards of ISO 17025:2017. This is one of the many reasons why an accredited humidity calibration should be your choice of service.

UKAS Humidity calibration

Our Accredited Humidity Calibration

Whether you are using your equipment for routine monitoring of your cold chain or for validating humidity deviations during a critical process, we can help to cover your annual calibration. Our experienced team of calibration engineers can process equipment from any number of manufacturers including SenseAnywhere, Vaisala, LogTag, Elitech, Testo, Comark, ETI, TinyTag, Hanwell, Omega, Fluke and many others.

We conduct thousands of UKAS accredited temperature and humidity calibrations every year including maintaining our own comprehensive range of temperature and humidity data loggers. Annual humidity calibration of your sensors will ensure that your equipment is functioning as per the original specification and provide traceability for your critical measurements. We are proud to be able to offer UKAS humidity calibration for a wide variety of data loggers and sensors. We use high specification equipment including our own Thunder Scientific chamber, to ensure that we can offer the best possible measurement uncertainties for all humidity calibrations. We can provide calibration across the range of 10% rh to 90% rh and 10°C to 60°C. We do also provide traceable humidity calibrations, if you would like to discuss your needs with a trained a technician then please use the contact form below and a member of our service department will be in touch

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Since early 2011 we have been proud of our UKAS temperature calibration accreditation.

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Thousands of calibrations completed each year with additional capacity to see this figure grow.


Temperature, Voltage & Humidity. Offering some of the best measurement uncertainties in the UK.

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And counting! We can calibrate most temperature data loggers and probes.

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