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Temperature and humidity sensors

It is often the case that temperature and humidity measurements and monitoring systems are not a ‘one size fits all’ solution, with each sector having different needs in terms of the accuracy, precision and traceability of their temperature data. At the core of many bespoke solutions, however, is the temperature and humidity sensor itself.   

There is a variety of sensors in today’s market, which range from wireless temperature and humidity sensors to remote temperature loggers, laboratory or environment-specific sensors and much more. These can operate as standalone sensors, or they can be integrated into a wider process, workflow or map to ensure accurate and reliable temperature readings of a full space ranging from a 1mx1m chamber to a 1000m2 warehouse.  

Using our knowledge of the market, we have developed a portfolio of leading brands offering temperature and humidity sensors for a range of requirements, including; 

Data Loggers

As a device which is responsible for the recording and storing of temperature and humidity data readings, the logger can be used for a variety of industrial processes, manufacturing optimisation, environmental monitoring and cold chain management.  The temperature and humidity sensor can vary depending on application.

Our temperature and humidity data loggers:

Vaisala Data Loggers Range
Elitech Data loggers
sense anywhere airosensor data logger
Datatrace data loggers

Temperature Data Loggers

Temperature data loggers can paint an effective picture of exactly how temperature differs in range by recording data at various locations within pieces of equipment, instruments, chambers and spaces, 

The applications of temperature data loggers are crucial in ensuring that they’re operating effectively and collecting the right data.  

At Withnell Sensors, our Engineers are well-versed in the many uses of a temperature and humidity sensor and can help you navigate what requirements you have from a sensor. For example, a business in the food and beverage industry is unlikely to monitor temperature as strictly as the pharmaceutical sector, whose requirements can often be 0.05°C - 0.1°C accuracy, sample rates as low as 1 second, sterilisable loggers and extended reliable battery life.  

In other applications, such as transportation and cold chain, healthcare and pharmacy storage and even mapping of warehouse units, requirements will normally centre around budget, real-time data collection and/or internal memory.  

Here are some of the key factors our Engineers can offer insight and guidance on, helping you to identify the right temperature and humidity sensor!

  • Compliance with regulations 

  • Configurability & customisability

  • Troubleshooting

  • Calibration and maintenance

    • Extended effects of monitoring on operations

    •   Number of measurement locations 

    • IT infrastructure

      As part of the Withnell Way, our Engineers are dedicated to helping you uncover the ideal solution for your needs, considering all of the above and more, before making a recommendation.  

      Contact them using the chatbot or email [email protected]

      Humidity and Temperature Sensors 

      Although a data logger can be used to observe measurements, the temperature and/or humidity sensor is the piece of equipment which senses the physical temperature. At the point in which the temperature data needs recording, processing or integrating with wider devices, then the data logger is born.  

      Thermocouples, for example, can be used as a temperature or humidity sensor to validate the performance and accuracy of individual pieces of large equipment such as autoclaves. The thermocouple, however, is far less likely to be linked to any other devices, which pinpoints it as a sensor rather than a data logger. Find out more about our temperature validation equipment and expertise here.  

      Precision in Temperature and Humidity Data Logging  

      Data loggers and temperature and humidity sensors are ideally suited to applications where specific areas or equipment require precise measurement. We have worked with over 700 businesses in 2023, to understand their needs and streamline their measurements.  

      Amongst these businesses, is a wide variety of customers including research and development laboratories, as well as storage providers of pharmaceuticals, biorepositories, blood banks and of course pharmaceutical manufacturing companies.  

      Our brands

      • Kaye Instruments are a great brand we use for thermal validation systems including sensors
      • Sense Anywhere supplies training clips from temperature and humidity data to adjusting the sensitivity of the sensors
      • Vaisala is a global leading brand in resourcing humidity sensors
      • We are specialists in sensors using DataTrace as a brand for our data loggers for temperature and humidity
      • As temperature sensor specialists we recommend Kambic as a great brand for calibration equipment testing chambers
      • At Withnell Sensors we specialise in temperature and humidity Elitech are a brand we use for data loggers and thermo couples
      • Ametek is a global manufacturer we use for our calibration and measurement equipment including sensors
      • We work with FLUKE for all our temperature and humidity sensors and electronic testing tools
      • As temperature sensor specialists we use the well-known brand FARRAR
      • Haier Biomedical is one of our partners for our temperature and humidity sensors as well as climate chambers
      • LogTag are specialists in data logging including internal sensors to manage temperature