At the forefront of innovation

Kaye instruments has been at the forefront of high accuracy process measurement for almost sixty years. The brand has been an industry leader, used by many leading pharmaceutical and biotechnological manufacturers to ensure compliance with control measures and regulatory requirements for critical thermal processes.

The company specialises in thermal process validation, environmental monitoring & sensor calibration, Kaye technology has provided the most precise and user-friendly measuring systems on offer in todays market. The products increase validation process efficiency and documentation of the results through innovative and unique to the market turnkey system solutions. We offer a complete range of wired & wireless systems, real-time RF-based systems, baths & temperature standards, all engineered to provide the most accurate process measurement available on the market.

Kaye Instruments are a great brand we use for thermal validation systems including sensors

Excellent Partnership

Philip de Freitas, our Managing Director, has worked in the industry for over 30 years, predominantly specialising in equipment by the Kaye instruments brand. Leaving the manufacturer in 2006 to set up Withnell Sensors whilst retaining a great partnership with the Kaye, as well as a wealth of knowledge that is also shared company wide and allows us to provide unmatched after sales care and support. We receive special training directly from the manufacturer and are the only laboratory in Europe able to provide an accredited calibration of the validators.

We have a wide range of Kaye products available, with both rental and purchase options. You can explore the range below and feel free to contact us if you'd like to speak to one of our technical sales or lab technicians.