Ultra Low Temperature Freezer Rental

Freezer rental

Rental ULT Freezers (-40°C and -86°C)

Withnell Sensors are thrilled to be able to offer ALS NEXUS ultra low temperature freezer rental. This line is ideally suited for vaccine storage and the long-term preservation of biological samples used in scientific laboratories, in pharmaceutical research, in hospitals and in any other applications where it is necessary to preserve material of human, animal, plant origin or microorganisms at ultra low temperatures.

The ultra low temperature freezers come in two different temperature ranges to suit your needs. Security is unmatched as the fridges are always key lockable and can also be equipped with the BioGuard key card access for specified personnel. The ultra low temperature freezer rental units feature an easy opening door handle system (allowing opening with one hand) as well as the latest generation ACP7 controller.

If you have a requirement for an ultra low temperature freezer, rental offers many benefits including rapid, hassle free deployment to meet urgent requirements. Let us take care of the calibration and validation to ensure that the unit is operational quickly.


Minimum rental period from just two weeks

Supplied with UKAS calibration certificates

Optional on-site qualification

Two Temperature Ranges -40 and -80


Product specifications

Working Temperature-80°C-40°C
Relative Humidity Range30 ~ 80% (without condensation)30 ~ 80% (without condensation)
External dimensions (WxHxD)791(W) x 1026(D) x 1976(H)mm791(W) x 1026(D) x 1976(H)mm
Internal Dimensions (WxHxD)450(W) x 530(D) x 1350(H)mm450(W) x 530(D) x 1350(H)mm
Max power consumption1.62KW0.81KW

Benefits of renting an ultra-low temperature freezer:

  • Cost-effective: Ultra-low temperature freezer rental can be more cost-effective than purchasing one outright, especially if you only need it for a short period of time. Renting allows you to access the latest technology and models without making a significant financial investment.
  • Flexibility: Renting gives you the flexibility to adjust your storage needs as your business or research requirements change. You can easily increase or decrease your freezer storage capacity as needed.
  • Maintenance and repairs: Ultra-low temperature freezer rental takes maintenance and repair off your hands, it is our duty to ensure the unit is working correctly this helps you avoid unexpected repair costs.
  • Reliable temperature control: Withnel Sensors ultra-low temperature freezers provide reliable and precise temperature control.
  • Secure storage: Our freezers are equipped with multiple safety features to ensure that the samples or materials stored inside are secure and protected from theft, tampering, or damage.

Want to know more about the freezers? Take a look at their data sheets.