Calibration Equipment

Withnell Sensors are thrilled to offer a range of calibration equipment from numerous world-leading brands. We offer both rental and purchase options for much of the equipment and have a wide range of technology to choose from, including: Calibration baths, Calibration chambers, Validation systems, Dry wells and handheld reference thermometers. 

Fluke Reference Thermometer

Fluke calibration equipment
Two models available and a range of probes.

Kambic Calibration Baths

Kambic calibration equipment
Kambic chamber and calibration baths, we have ULT and micro options.


Kaye calibration equipment
Our Kaye offering provides great solutions for validation.


Ametek calibration equipment
Rental of the Ametek 125A professional dry block temperature calibrator.

What is Calibration Equipment?

Calibration of equipment involves the use of calibration instruments to determine the accuracy and reliability of a piece of equipment results by using a comparative, defined standard. 

The calibration of equipment involves adjusting and correcting the performance of the calibrated instrument to meet the specification of the comparator instrument. 

Calibration equipment is vital in ensuring that any false or inaccurate results from instruments are prevented in order to avoid equipment failure and production delays, ensuring uninterrupted operations. 

Rental or Purchase: Calibration Equipment

Why is regular calibration of equipment or instrument calibration so important? Calibration can be performed in terms of temperature, pressure, voltage, RF, electrical and more. By calibrating these aspects of equipment, you can safeguard the performance and accuracy of both your instrumentation and the results they provide. 

Calibration equipment should work for you and your internal requirements, regardless of whether you're operating in the pharmaceutical, life sciences, food manufacturing, aerospace, engineering or other sectors. 

Withnell Sensors provides calibration equipment rental and purchase as well as UKAS-serviced calibrations. 


Need Assistance With Calibration Equipment Selection?

Get in touch with our team of experts to discuss what is the right option for your requirements. As Temperature & Humidity Specialists, we can help you identify the best piece of calibration equipment to suit your needs, unmatched, unbiased guidance and support.

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