Thermocouples are a widely used type of temperature sensor for measurement and control and can also be used to convert heat gradient into electricity. They are inexpensive and interchangeable, are supplied fitted with standard connectors, and can measure a wide range of temperatures. We offer different types of thermocouples to suit differing applications, if there is a type of thermocouple sensor that we have not listed which you feel would be beneficial in the pharmaceutical manufacturing field then please let us know.

Premium Grade Autobond Thermocouple Wire

The Autobond wire is designed to minimise leakage of water or steam through standard thermocouple sensor wire. The Autobond wire eliminates the outer clear PTFE jacket which is where 90% of moisture creep occurs.

The Ultra- Premium Autobond wire carries the same accuracy and uniformity specifications as the standard Ultra-Premium wire and comes in 2 diameters, the standard 22 AWG 7- strand wire and the 26 AWG smaller 7 strand wire. The Autobond wire can be used for any application and has an approximate temperature range of -200 to +200°C.

PTFE 3 & 7 Strand Type 'T' Thermocouples

Withnell Sensors premium Type 'T' thermocouple wire is available in 3 and 7 strand configurations, individually insulated with an optional overall clear PTFE insulation

As an integral part of any high accuracy thermocouple temperature measuring system, the wire is subject to severe conditions and quite often rough handling from operatives. Repeated bending, or cold working of a thermocouple can generate stress and distortion of the crystalline structure of the wire, resulting in significant potential for measurement error. Withnell sensors thermocouple wire is multi stranded, made of the highest purity and uniformity available, to minimise measurement error from cold working and material inconsistencies.

Withnell Sensors premium Type 'T' thermocouple wire is available in 3 and 7 strand configurations, individually insulated with an optional overall clear PTFE insulation. The three strand wire is used where space is at a premium or where the wire must be fed through narrow openings like down plastic tubing or in a small filter housing. The three strand wire has a major OD of 1.88mm and can be used in most processes from Liquid Nitrogen (-196ºC) up to a continuous temperature of 200ºC. The seven strand wire has an OD of 3.05mm and is used where extra strength is needed.

Kapton Thermocouples

Seven strand Kapton insulated wire is used for dry heat ovens and Tunnels, and is rated up to 350 ºC, this wire must only be used in for dry heat applications as any moisture or oil can damage the insulation properties. The Kapton thermocouples have excellent physical, electrical and mechanical properties over high temperatures.

We manufacture all thermocouples in house, allowing us to can make to any length to suit your requirements. We have highly trained and skilled staff which means we have excellent turnaround times.

PTFE Tip Kit

Encapsulating the thermocouple tip with dual shrink PTFE tubing will extend the life of your sensor. A sealed tip minimises the risk of moisture being pulled along the wire (known as condensate tracking), minimising oxidation of the thermocouple and extending the life. In addition the PTFE tip prevents potential errors due to grounding should a bare tip touch a conductive surface of inadequately grounded plant and equipment. Properly sealed hot junctions minimise the risk of air entering the chamber via the thermocouple during the autoclave air removal stage.

Thermocouples Feedthru

The stainless steel Feedthrough is simple, orderly and compact, and is ideally suited to thermocouple applications in high pressure or vacuum environments such as steam autoclaves, process piping, etc. Up to 18 individual thermocouples can be used in the implementation, mounted on an elegant, securely-interlocking bayonet clasp. Maximum pressure can be achieved thanks to a double silicone seal combined with a pressure screw.

The implementation may take up to a maximum pressure of 5 bar and a maximum temperature of 150° C. Connection to the pressure vessel is via a standard 1 1/2" Tri-Clamp connection clamp.

Full Length Thermocouple Wire Spools For Manufacture

As well as custom length ready made thermocouples Withnell Sensors also sells full length 1000ft & 2000ft spools of either 3 strand or 7 strand premium Type 'T' thermocouple wire as well as the Kapton thermocouple wire. These thermocouple wire spools can be used to manufacture your own thermocouples in house and come in at a highly affordable price.