Ametek 125A Dry Block Temperature Calibrator Rental

About the Ametek 125A

The Ametek 125A professional dry block temperature calibrator – the JOFRA® PTC- 125, is a versatile temperature calibrator available with a temperature range from -90 to 125°C. It is especially ideal for use in the health care, medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and food industries. Our dry block temperature calibrator rental is suitable for project work and is often used as a stable and moveable heat source when conducting pre and post verifications for temperature sensors and thermocouples. The equipment will be supplied with transport case and calibration certificate and we offer competitive pricing and short minimum rental periods.

The Ametek 125A is user friendly, intuitive to use and a great piece of equipment for work on site, the PTC-125 is equipped with a large informative, easy-to-read display.

Lightweight and easy-to-carry, the PTC-125 is easy to move from job to job. Mechanically stable With its high-tech design the PTC-125 ensures durability and lasting quality.

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Superior Performance

The JOFRA Ametek 125a dry block calibrator features a unique technology for optimum performance and superior temperature homogeneity throughout the block at very low temperatures.

The product has a performance equivalent to a liquid temperature bath and features the widest temperature range for any cooling dry-block on the market today. The dry block calibrator may be used to perform fully automatic calibration routines without using an external computer. It is also possible to use the computer for full upload and download capabilities.

Ametek125a may also be supplied with inputs for external reference sensors and for sensors-under-test. All ATC calibrators feature RS232 serial communication and the standard delivery also includes the JOFRACAL calibration PC software. The ATC-125 ultra cooler is part of a series of calibrators, that includes the ATC-140 (-20 to 140°C) and the ATC-250 (28 to 250°C) available as liquid bath or large diameter dry-block calibrators, and the ATC-156, ATC-157, ATC-320 and ATC-650 dry-block calibrators covering temperature ranges between -45°C and 650°C.