Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer (-86°C)

FARRAR Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer)

Withnell Sensors is thrilled to present the FARRAR ultra-low temperature freezer. This line is ideally suited for the long-term precision temperature storage for biopharmaceutical and life science research applications.

FARRAR’s Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer is SNAP/EU F-gas-compliant, offering low energy consumption with a low global warming potential (GWP) and natural hydrocarbon refrigerant (R290/R170). The units come with a temperature range of -50°C to -86°C and <+/-5°C uniformity. The freezer also features a 26ft3 (737L) capacity, offering generous space for storage.

An integrated Smart Access Panel features integrated, exportable temperature logs, a PIN controlled electronic door lock, and offers maximum protection for your samples with standard 5 inner doors. FARRAR Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers have undergone detailed Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) to deliver long service life in a busy lab environment.

The FARRAR Ultra Low Temperature Freezer comes with countless benefits, including:

  • 528 standard 2” (51mm) boxes
  • 7", full color touchscreen
  • Low noise levels
  • Excellent freezing uniformity
  • Low GWP

Temperatures ranges -50°C to -86°C

Lockable door, PIN access control

Smart access panel

Long service life


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