Walk in Chamber

 Walk in Chamber

Kambic walk in chambers allow you to simulate different climates and environments with ease and precision to understand the impact on the safety or quality of your products. A walk in climatic chamber provides a large temperature and humidity controlled environment to test large components, assemblies, and finished products. The chambers have superior temperature and Rh stability and can be used for sample conditioning before other tests, stress testing and accelerated aging.

Withnell Sensors Ltd is the exclusive distributor and after sale service provider of Kambic walk in climatic chambers in the UK & Ireland.

Kambic is specialised in the designing, developing and manufacturing of high-quality walk in environmental chambers and controlled environment rooms.

The walk in chamber is a refined solution for research and development studies, quality control, production facilities and testing. These bespoke chambers are custom built to suit your requirements- here is an example from a previous job.

Independent Advice

We are always available to offer expert advice and technical support. Withnell Sensors engineers have experience working with a range of clients on various projects. We can help you to find the most suitable or custom walk in environmental test chamber to meet your requirements and our after sales care is exceptional, offering extra reassurance.
Walk in Chamber

Size made to you requirements

Exceptional uniformity and stability

Innovative, user friendly control panel

Tailored equipment available

Walk in Chamber Features:

  • Door observation window
  • Sealed and extensively heat insulated doors- various sizes available
  • Heavy duty closing mechanism with safety unlocking system from interior
  • Fully stainless-steel interior. Powder coated exterior.
  • Access port with both end plugs.
  • Extensive heat insulation. Various insulation panel thickness.
  • Electronics compartment, mounted on the chamber or remote location.
  • PLC based controller, with a simple and effective programming of all processes.
  • Compressor based refrigeration system.
  • Condensing unite mounted on the top of the chamber or remote location
  • Back up unite
  • Chamber equipment: Specially designed racks with height adjustable shelves
  • Tailored equipment available

Custom Built Chamber Solutions

At Withnell Sensors, we're passionate about enabling businesses to identify a solution that suits their exact needs. We understand that 'off-the-shelf' chambers may not always be the most suitable to individual needs and stored samples. This is why we deliver a custom walk in chamber solution which enables our customers to brief their eact requirements and we can design, build and engineery a bespoke chamber. This includes:

  • Custom Walk In Chambers Environmental
  • Custom Environmental Test Chambers
  • Custom Stability Chambers
  • Custom Cold Rooms
  • Custom Ultra Low Temperature Chambers
  • Bespoke Testing Chambers
  • Walk in Chamber Technical Data

    Walk in Chamber
    External DimensionsMade to preference
    Temperature Range-40°C to +90°C
    Relative Humidity Range40% to 95%
    Temperature & Rh display resolution0.1°C / 1%
    Temperature set resolution0.1°C
    Rh set resolution1%
    Temperature stabilityBetter than +0.3°C
    Temperature Uniformity< +1 @ +37°C
    Rh stability % (lights off)Better than +3
    Temperature controlPID
    CoolingAir cooled compressor aggregate (water cooled as option)
    Relative humiditySteam generator/ Ultrasonic humidifier/ DEW point
    Power supply3x400 V 50/60 Hz (+ 10%)
    Access Ports (mm)Ø 40 Standard, (Ø 50, Ø 90 as an accessory)
    InterfaceRS 232 (USB or Ethernet as an optional)

    Please download our brochure or find more information:

    Feel free to contact us for a quotation. We offer tailored walk in chamber solutions for your specific requirements!