Laboratory Refrigerator

FARRAR upright & undercounter (+4°C) Laboratory Refrigerators

Withnell Sensors is thrilled to present the FARRAR laboratory refrigerators. This line is ideally suited for the storage and preservation of biological samples and reagents, vaccines and medicines due to the incredibly high accuracy and reliability of the units.

FARRAR’s Laboratory Refrigerators are ENERGY STAR® certified and SNAP/EU F-gas-compliant, pairing a powerful variable capacity compressor with a low global warming potential (GWP) natural hydrocarbon refrigerant (R600a). The laboratory grade refrigerators are suitable for lab environments with ultra-quiet operation (42dB – 52dB).

The lab refrigerators come with a temperature range of +2°C to +10°C with an excellent +/-1°C uniformity. We are able to offer multiple sizes in both single door and double door configurations with premium features like glass doors, interior lights, and a high reliability, long life solid buffer thermal ballast. FARRAR Laboratory Refrigerators have undergone detailed Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) to support a 10-year service life, providing high reliability and performance.

The FARRAR laboratory fridges come with countless benefits, including:

  • Various shapes and sizes including undercounter
  • LED digital display
  • Low noise levels
  • Excellent stability and uniformity
  • Low GWP
  • Lockable internal drawers as an accessory

Temperatures range -2°C to +10°C

Lockable door, PIN access control

LED digital display

Long service life


We provide validation of all fridge, freezer and chamber units