SenseAnywhere Drug Temperature Monitoring system used at Royal Sussex Hospital

Amphia hospital using temperature monitoring solution
Amphia Hospital in the Netherlands are pleased with innovative temperature monitoring solution
North Wales Clinical Research Centre
North Wales Clinical Research Centre monitoring samples with SenseAnywhere system

SenseAnywhere Drug Temperature Monitoring system used at Royal Sussex Hospital

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Thoughts from the Emergency Surgery Team Leader

Justin Codd Emergency Surgery Team Leader at Royal Sussex Hospital has given some really positive feedback on his experience with the SenseAnywhere temperature monitoring system. Justin's department use the system for drug temperature monitoring.

Justin says "The task was to set up monitoring in all the medical drug areas within our department and to be able to provide accurate data reports on a weekly basis. This incorporated many locations and required the monitoring of both ambient temperatures and fridges directly, this for many years been monitored manually.

We contacted Withnell Sensors to ask for a solution to the problem, straight away they knew exactly what we needed and even had a “demo kit” we could try. The technical support from Wayne was excellent with advice via the telephone and any issues were resolved quickly. No long waits for responses, or call centres to deal with, sound advice and people who understood from start to finish what we needed.

We trialed and installed the SenseAnywhere system within a matter of weeks and now have 25 sensors running 24/7 and within the first week we had an accurate report that we can download and store. The process was efficient and an effective solution for our problem. We are now looking to expand into other areas and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Withnell as a company to deal with for this type of monitoring."

Drug temperature monitoring is highly important as some drugs are perishable and/or ineffective if stored in the wrong conditions. The SenseAnywhere system will alert you immediately if the temperature conditions go outside of your chosen parameters, meaning the problem can be quickly resolved.

This is one of many positive responses to the system as well as our expertise and advice in finding the correct solution for your requirements. Learn more about SenseAnywhere here.