North Wales Clinical Research Centre monitoring samples with SenseAnywhere system

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SenseAnywhere Drug Temperature Monitoring system used at Royal Sussex Hospital
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The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) updates to a SenseAnywhere temperature monitoring system

North Wales Clinical Research Centre monitoring samples with SenseAnywhere system

North Wales Clinical Research Centre

Dr Stuart Savill, a Research Scientist at North Wales Clinical Research Centre, has given us some glowing feedback about the SenseAnywhere system for the monitoring of samples and medicinal products.

Dr Savill said “In addition to undertaking basic and clinical research, the North Wales Clinical Research Centre also undertakes clinical trials involving the storage of patient samples and medicinal products. Accurate and reliable monitoring of fridge and freezer temperatures is therefore essential. For years this has been achieved by manually recording the temperature of every fridge and freezer on site. This was unsatisfactory for several reasons: Requiring someone to record the temperature of every unit on an at least daily basis was comparatively time consuming and unproductive. The lack of data collection, especially over weekends, means that this manual system did not always alert us to a problem. Although manual recording was compliant with our regulatory systems, it wasn’t actually that helpful in alerting us to failures early enough to do anything about them.

Withnell Sensors SenseAnywhere system offers substantial improvements over our previous temperature monitoring solution. The ability to automatically record the temperature every 5 minutes removes the requirement for someone to actively monitor individual fridges and freezers, whilst also providing much higher resolution data collection. The alerting system is flexible enough that false alarms are minimal whilst providing confidence that should a failure occur we will be notified sufficiently early that remedial action can be taken. The weekly/monthly reports that are automatically generated also provide proof of regulatory compliance.

An added bonus is that we can now use the same system to monitor samples shipped on ice to and from different sites to ensure that they are maintained at a suitable temperature during transit.

The system itself is intuitive and easy to set up. It is also highly cost effective. It can be accessed from any internet enabled device and alarm alerts are sent to any email address or texted to a mobile number. Overall we feel that the biggest advantage of the SenseAnywhere system is that it works in the background, without requiring intervention from us, and will alert us whenever there is a problem. The SenseAnywhere system effortlessly makes us confident our fridges and freezers are maintained at the desired temperatures.”

The importance of patient samples and medicinal products is of course paramount and having a reliable system is critical. Real time monitoring and alerts provide reassurance in product quality and safety. The lack of need to take manual measurements can be highly beneficial for a busy schedule, giving you one less thing to do. If you would like to learn more about the SenseAnywhere system you can do here