Amphia Hospital in the Netherlands are pleased with innovative temperature monitoring solution

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Amphia Hospital in the Netherlands are pleased with innovative temperature monitoring solution

Amphia hospital using temperature monitoring solution

Medicinal products and vaccines should always be stored under specific conditions in order to ensure quality throughout their shelf life. The AiroSensor offers an inexpensive and reliable temperature monitoring solution to automatically, safely and continuously monitor the climate conditions.

The AiroSensor is used in the hospital pharmacy of the Amphia Hospital in Breda, Netherlands. This hospital is JCI certified. ‘A sensor in the medicine cabinet measures the temperature and humidity every 5 minutes and sends it to a data transmission cabinet’, says hospital pharmacist Nils van ‘t Veer of the Amphia Hospital. ‘From there, the data can be retrieved from the computer, tablet or smartphone. If the values are outside the set margins, I will receive an alarm message via e-mail or SMS. In this way, we can intervene quickly if necessary’.

Easy and inexpensive

According to Van ‘t Veer, the AiroSensor offers several advantages. ‘First of all, the system relieves our organisation of its worries. We tested it extensively before purchasing it. After installing and placing the sensors and the data transmission boxes, the rest goes automatically. We have a total of around 200 sensors installed at four locations. We can follow them all over the world. This gives us control over the temperatures of all areas of the hospital where medicines are stored. Furthermore, it is a relatively cheap product. Our previous monitoring system was a lot more cumbersome and had to be recalibrated every year. Someone was working on that for a few days. Calibration is less frequently required with the AiroSensor. Nevertheless, we can be confident that our medicines are stored correctly, that gives a reassuring feeling’.