Pharmacy Temperature Monitoring- Protect Your Stock Today

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SenseAnywhere Data Loggers a Solution for COVID-19 Vaccine Temperature Monitoring
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Pharmacy Temperature Monitoring- Protect Your Stock Today

Pharmacy temperature monitoring system

The Ideal Pharmacy Temperature Monitoring System

A pharmacy temperature monitoring system is something that should be in place to protect stock and ensure customer safety. We have seen the SenseAnywhere cloud-based monitoring system used across a wide range of applications and industries. The use of this innovative technology is common amongst the pharmaceutical industry due to the many benefits an automated system brings for the monitoring of storage conditions in local community and hospital pharmacies. We explore some of the reasons why pharmacy temperature monitoring is critical and how the SenseAnywhere system can help your pharmacy team move away from manual recording.

Preserving your pharmacy stock

We know that temperature monitoring plays an important role in the protection of medicines, vaccines and other injectables. Efficacy and even safety can be impacted where these temperatures are not maintained in line with label conditions. Independent data loggers can be placed in fridges or storerooms quickly and easily however there are many considerations when selecting the right data logger for your needs. Many low-cost loggers require manual measurements to be taken at routine intervals and often will not alert you in real-time should there be a temperature excursion. This false economy can have devastating and costly impacts, particularly if an event occurs out of hours forcing unnecessary wastage. The SenseAnywhere pharmacy temperature monitoring system addresses both issues by removing the need for any manual interventions. The revolutionary ‘Set & Forget’ system means that your team can set up the loggers and simply leave them to operate, safe in the knowledge that measurements are recorded every 5 minutes 24/7. Should a deviation occur then an alert will be generated giving your team important time to make an intervention to protect your stock. Our Pharmacy teams are busier than ever before so there has never been a better time to ease the burden of tasks wherever possible.

Complex Supply Chains

With the impact of Brexit added to the global pandemic there has been increased focus on medicine supply chains and the associated challenges of stockholding fluctuations. These logistical challenges can also present monitoring challenges meaning a robust, but flexible, monitoring solution is essential for businesses large and small. SenseAnywhere has recently been very proud to be involved in one of the most complex logistical roll outs in modern history. Our loggers are being used to monitor of the distribution of Covid vaccines across Europe, another testament to the strengths of the system.

Global leader in cloud-based technology

The adoption of cloud-based technology brings many benefits to end-users all over the world, SenseAnywhere is currently proud to be used in more than 70 countries. The system is cost-effective and very quick and easy to deploy on a plug and play basis. This is just one of the many reasons that SenseAnywhere is used by over 50% of pharmacies in both the Netherlands and Norway and how the system is filtering its way into many national healthcare regimes.

Count the benefits as well as the savings

As well as efficiency and overall cost savings compared to short life data loggers there are additional benefits for those customers making efforts to embrace a sustainable future. The 10-year battery life removes the carbon footprint involved with the production and wastage of replacing batteries in loggers with a shorter shelf life. Speak to your local representative about the long list of benefits that this fully compliant system can present and ask them to share the countless testimonials from our satisfied Pharmacy customers. This product is the all round pharmacy temperature monitoring system solution and we're so confident you'll love it that you can trial it now for free.