Great AiroSensor Testimonial from The Antibody Company

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Great AiroSensor Testimonial from The Antibody Company

The Antibody company

Words from The Antibody Company Founder & Director

Withnell Sensors has recieved some more glowing feedback regarding a customers experience with the Airosensor system. The system has been utilised by The Antibody Company- a specialist contract manufacturing company with expertise in the production, purification, downstream processing and conjugation of monoclonal antibodies. They've done some great work, even assisting in the fight against COVID-19 through partnering NHS GGC, SHILL and Coronex in developing a 20 minute (sample to result) lateral flow test using a low-cost rapid diagnostic. Founder and Driector, Eric Wagner had this to say about the SenseAnywhere system;

"As an ISO9001 accredited and GMP compliant manufacturer of biologics, temperature monitoring is critical to our work. It gives us the confidence there have been no temperature fluctuations or drifts which may impact our biologics. For our clients, knowing that their products are monitored 24/7 with immediate notification of out-of-range readings gives them great confidence that their highly valuable products are being well looked after."

"We were supplied with a demo unit that allowed us to test how the system would work in our facility and with our systems. We found this to be immensely useful and confirmed there were no unexpected signal, hardware or user interface issues."

"We are very happy with the SenseAnywhere system and would recommend it to anyone requiring a robust, reliable, expandable and easy to use temperature monitoring and logging system."

There are so many applications for the system, ranging over many industries. However one common denominator is the feedback is always highly positive, backing up our belief in the excellence of the system. If you'd like to learn more, view the Airosensor product page here.