Testimonial from Head of ICT at Helen & Douglas House

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Testimonial from Head of ICT at Helen & Douglas House

Testimonial from Head of ICT at Helen & Douglas House

Withnell Sensors recently supplied Helen & Douglas House Childrens Hospice with a 14 logger SenseAnywhere temperature and humidity monitoring system. The data logger model was the AiroSensor 20-20-25, which provides an extended temperature range of -30°C to +70°C as well as 0-100% relative humidity range.

Speaking of the system Martin Brenchley-Cooper Head of ICT said; ”We approached Withnell Sensors as we needed to monitor bedroom temperatures in the hospice and carry out correcting actions if the temperatures went off beyond our pre-set limits. Some previous options we investigated required an operator to check the temperatures and inform the necessary person to act. This was an impractical solution for our type of business.”

”After arranging to have a demo kit from Withnell sensors it was clear this product would do everything we required. With sensors in each bedroom that connected back via RF to an access point connected into our network, we were able to monitor the bedrooms 24/7 and receive email alerts if the temperature went too high or too low.”

”The support during the trial period was friendly and helpful. We have been using the system for a while now and enjoy the added benefits of the system like the ability to see historic data to see if there were any trends causing temperature changes. Overall a well-priced system that covered our requirements while providing additional facilities. I would highly recommend Withnell sensors.”

It's great to receive such positive feedback from a customer yet again and we're really thrilled that Helen & Douglas House are pleased with our service as well as the system. As is in this case, we are always more than happy to offer the no obligation 7 day free trial of the system, as we really believe in the product and are proud to showcase its benefits.

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