‘Asset tagging’ the Final Piece of the Puzzle in Temperature Monitoring

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‘Asset tagging’ the Final Piece of the Puzzle in Temperature Monitoring

SenseAnywhere Asset tag

SenseAnywhere 'Asset tagging' feature is the Solution to Setbacks During the Recalibration Period

Many industries require periodical re-calibration of data monitoring equipment to ensure quality and accuracy. And rightly so, temperature data loggers are used to monitor goods that can often be dangerous if they are not stored in the correct conditions. This is why we have many international standards to ensure that businesses are following the correct guidelines to ensure consumer safety. All equipment must be properly maintained with periodic calibration by an accredited calibration laboratory. Although, the problems that many experience during this recalibration period can be disruptive, time consuming and frustrating. Drawbacks that may arise include confusion over which data logger was monitoring what and when, time without your instruments in place, the reconfiguring of alarms and reports and also the issue most obstructive for quality audits; time and data gaps in the monitoring of an asset or chamber.

Until now temperature monitoring systems haven’t provided a solution to work around these obstacles. However, the new ‘asset tagging’ feature from our SenseAnywhere system means that your alarms and reports and are set up to monitor the asset itself rather than the individual loggers. This is achieved through two asset tags that display a QR code which can be scanned providing the ability to swap one data logger for another and enable the calibration process. Your data loggers can be switched at any time, so you can use rental or spare loggers whenever you need to 'swap-out' a logger for calibration or repair. You also have a complete temp/RH history of your assets without any gaps in data for seamless compliance as well as assurance that your goods have not deviated without you knowledge. There is no other reconfiguration needed for alarms, reports and other customised settings, finally- no additional paperwork and you will have a complete audit trail. It's a revolution for compliance with your quality assurance requirements as well as being a logistical breeze!

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We have an in-house UKAS accredited calibration laboratory here in Lancashire. Data logger temperature calibration starts from as low as £32 and is delivered at the highest standard. We also sell a number of data loggers to suit you application so make sure you take a browse and get in touch with the team if you need any help or quotations.