Bulkfrost Climatic and Thermostatic Chamber

The latest technology Climatic and Thermostatic Chamber

The Bulkfrost Climatic and Thermostatic Chamber allows you to control the temperature and humidity inside the test compartment, in a range from -70°C to + 180°C (temperature) and from 10% to 98% (relative humidity). It guarantees high performance, a generous standard configuration and a large number of accessories for adapting to all the requests of our customers.

There are generally two main types of tests that can be carried out with the bulkfrost chambers: one being thermostatic- which tests are focused solely on temperature, and the second being climatic tests which involve both the temperature and humidity parameters at the same time.

Why are Climatic or Thermostatic tests necessary?

Climatic or Thermostatic tests are used to test the behaviour of a product in the conditions of use it might go through, therefore, how it reacts to the temperature or climatic change. For example, you might want to test if products that are going to be either used or stored in highly humid conditions will still perform or to see if they still function the same when they have reached certain temperatures in storage.

The compact body provides excellent corrosion protection with a powder coated finish. The chambers are fitted with an electromagnetic door lock, providing maximum operator safety and security. The climatic and thermostatic chambers utilise ecological refrigerant gas in line with the European Regulation 517/2014. All models have a 10” touchscreen panel with an intuitive, user friendly interface as well as a new software that allows remote control of all chamber functions, automatic reporting, self-diagnosis, preventive maintenance,

Control and management system

Interfaces controlled by PLC and advanced HMI remote access.

Remote access

There are a wide range of possibilities thanks to the built-in MyKratos™ and MyAngel™ software, multichamber control is also available upon request.

A wide range of optional and custom features are also available (sun simulation, LN2 cooling, air treatment unit kit, Lithium Ion battery test, etc) to fulfil most of environmental testing market requirements. The modular design of the equipment makes it easy to service and easy to upgrade.


The ergonomic design ensures easy access to the chamber wherever placed, even for maintenance; the control interface is mounted on the front door and the water tank is easily filled from the lower front panel.

Easy to move and position

Thanks to the wheels and feet included as part of the basic configuration, the chamber is easy to move to its working position even on uneven floors.

Air treatment system

Ensures a precise control of the climatic parameters inside the chamber with minimal thermal inertia; an axial fan allows rapid temperature variations of both air and specimen.

Humidification system

The humidifier with a self-contained heater and dedicated controlling S/W offers two great advantages:

• it does not require distilled or demineralized water to operate properly

• it uses ‘dry’ vapor in order to avoid condensation on the specimens and to reproduce real environmental conditions

MyKratos™ is the Supervision and Management system operating on any mobile and desktop device. The wireless connection (WiFi) makes it possible to use all different kinds of Tablets and Smartphones (iOS 8 and Android 4.2.1 or later compatible). The operator interface can also be remotely accessed via customer’s LAN connection.

Key benefits:
  • ✓ WiFi or Ethernet connection to the chamber<.li>
  • ✓ Visualization and graphical analysis of measures and recordings.
  • ✓ Synoptic graphs of the entire system.
  • ✓ Multilanguage support.
  • ✓ High configurability of chamber parameters.
  • ✓ Unlimited possibilities of measures recording
  • ✓ Program and Manual mode of chamber operation
  • ✓ Delayed start of a program
  • ✓ Ability to select more than one chamber from a single Tablet: the multiple password levelsensure secure access.
  • ✓ Automatic notifications of event and alarms
  • ✓ Archive manager for an easy access to the stored recordings
  • ✓ Ability to send email notification to various recipients via customer's LAN connection.

Complies to European Regulation 517/2014

-70°C to 180°C temprtature range

Excellent 10" touch pad control panel and software

337 to 1439L capacity


Please take a look at the technical data sheet