Micro Calibration Baths

Micro Calibration Baths

Our micro calibration baths have exceptional performance and unbeatable value and are a perfect solution for on-site calibrations.

Withnell Sensors are the exclusive UK distributors of Kambic, a manufacturer of micro calibration baths based in Slovenia. This might be small and portable calibration bath but it packs impressive technical stats with uniformity and stability in mK range. Offering users the ability to calibrate sensors of various dimensions, the fluid ensures perfect heat transfer through the unique vertical flow design.

Fluid baths are ideal for calibrating temperature sensors, transmitters or even complete temperature systems. Not only do they allow calibration of multiple systems at the same time, but also offer the added advantage of accommodating sensors of all shapes and sizes. Finally, there is an assurance that sensor and reference are always subjected to a uniform temperature.

There will always be a requirement to calibrate sensors outside of a standard laboratory environment, this portable calibration bath offers the opportunity for the best possible technical results meaning that the standard of your calibration does not need to be compromised.

Independent Advice

We are always on hand to offer expert advice and technical support. Our engineers have experience with working with a range of clients on various projects. We can help you to select the right micro calibration bath to suit your requirements and our after sales care is exceptional, offering extra reassurance.
Micro calibration baths

1L Volume- ideal for portable use

Exceptional uniformity and stability across range

Innovative, user friendly control panel

2 distinctive temperature ranges

Micro Calibration Bath Features:

  • Adjustable multiple probe fixture
  • Carrying handle
  • Bath working chamber rubber cap
  • Stainless steel interior
  • Powder coated exterior
  • Power cord connection
  • Rubber legs
  • Conventional compressor based refrigeration system
  • RS-232 PC port
  • USB port
  • Control panel with OLED display and keyboard

Accessories of the Micro Calibration Baths:

Choose from a range of accessories, the 3 key ones being;

Please download our brochure for more detailed information on the micro calibration baths

Available models:

Temperature Range+35°C to +220°C
External dimensions (WxHxD)225 x 638 x 330
Internal Dimensions (cross x immersion depth)Ø 50 x 210 mm
Weight (kg)29
Temperature Range-35°C to +130°C
External dimensions (WxHxD)225 x 638 x 330
Internal Dimensions (cross x immersion depth)Ø 50 x 210 mm
Weight (kg)35

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