Dow Syltherm XLT

Dow Syltherm XLT Heat Transfer Fluid

The Dow syltherm xlt is a specially formulated, high-performance silicone polymer designed for use as a low temperature, liquid-phase heat transfer fluid, providing excellent low temperature heat transfer and pumpability.

Dow Syltherm xlt fluid comes in at a great cost beating many other manufacturers of similar fluids as well as an providing great performance. We use the liquid for -90 to 70°C in our low calibration baths and it works brilliantly. However, the heat transfer fluid offers exceptional thermal stability at temperatures between -100°C and 260°C. Within its recommended use range, the Syltherm XLT heat transfer fluid does not degrade to solid forms or volatile compounds having substantially higher vapor pressures. This means that the downtime of the system for periodic fluid reprocessing and replacement is abolished.

Dow Syltherm XLT fluid also has the benefit of being virtually odourless and maintains low in acute oral toxicity. These properties make it highly suitable in pharmaceutical, fine chemical, and other processes.

The Dow syltherm XLT fluid remains a liquid below -100°C, with a freeze point of -111°C, making it perfect for use in low temperature calibration baths- we use this high-quality liquid in all of our own low temperature calibration baths. The fluid also provides outstanding viscosity qualities at low temperatures which make it an efficient choice for very low temperature applications.

The thermal stability of the heat transfer fluid is affected by its chemical structure as well as the design and operating temperature profile of the system being used. Following sound engineering methods in the design of the heat transfer system can produce maximum fluid life.


  • Highly stable
  • Long-lasting fluid
  • Low potential for fouling
  • Can remain in service for ten years or more


  • Oil & gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical processing
syltherm xlt

Specially formulated, high-performance silicone polymer

Perfect for low temperature calibration baths

Great cost and outstanding performance

Virtually odourless and excellent viscosity characteristics

Dow Syltherm Xlt
Fluid BaseSilicone
Freezing Point in °C < -111
Temperature Use Range -100°C to 260°C
Product Type Siloxane Polymer HTF
Used for Heating and Cooling

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