ALS CE Series Reach-in Freezer Units

Angelantoni Reach-in Freezer Units

The line of reach-in freezer units/ prefabricated cells designed by ALS offer larger scale freezer storage solutions, maintaining high efficiency and performance in temperature stability and as a result, ensuring the optimal preservation of the products being stored. The reach-in freezer units are designed for the long term storage of large batches of temperature sensitive pharmaceutical products (vaccines and drugs that are unstable at room temperature) and foodstuffs in a temperature range of -20° to -70°C.

They come in two models:

  • CE 4000 3/ULT DI
  • CE 6000 4/ULT DI

About the reach-in freezer units

The load-bearing structure is made up of prefabricated panels, assembled, in a pre-painted galvanized steel sheet, with the inside made of AISI 304 stainless steel sheet (the outside is also available on request).

    -No. 3 service doors with latches and special rubber seals for CE 4000 3/ULT DI model

    -No. 4 service doors with latches and special rubber seals for CE 6000 4/ULT DI model

The reach-in freezer units have an electric heating elements installed on the seal and rebate to ensure ice formation does not occur. The polyurethane foam is in injected under a high pressure ('sandwich' technique) for insulation. The cabinet is also complete with redundant refrigeration and an electrical system that will alternate in operation to ensure constant and equal operation over time. This system is based on a special cascade cycle using two semi-hermetic compressors. Equipped with two latest-generation boards, full-color display, touch-button interface complete with the parameter recording system. These can be transferred to computers via USB, or via WiFi/Ethernet/3G network technologies, with the possibility of also transferring and storing them on CLOUD servers. These control and monitoring boards alternate in activating and generating alarms for the two refrigeration units in redundancy.

These groups exchange the task at each thermostat, sending status signals to each other. The exchange will only be interrupted if the following events occur:

  • High condensation fault
  • High-pressure fault
  • High temperature alarm (not for open door or power failure)
  • No power supply to one unit

The control panel will then display a message that the control alternation is suspended until the system is rebooted. Air treatment is handled by internal forced-air evaporators, driven by two external motors passing through each evaporator. Ventilation is blocked whenever the door is opened. The door can be mechanically locked with a key and optionally opened with a personal ID card with RFID technology (BIOGUARD™).

Reach-in freezer units key information

  • Double refrigeration system
  • Exterior in pre-painted galvanized sheet steel
  • Interior in AISI 304 stainless steel
  • 4/6 service doors
  • Latest generation electronics
  • USB port for data downloading
  • Bioguard® access control system
  • Weekly chart recorder
  • GSM module for alarm signaling
  • WiFi, ETH and UMTS-3G modules for connection to the ALS Cloud
  • Cryolog software for local monitoring
  • The latest generation controller guarantees high performance and reliability thanks to:

    • Simple and functional interface
    • Password-protected access with 3 levels of privileges: USER, SERVICE and ADMINISTRATOR
    • Three separate processors communicating with each other with CAN-BUS connection system
    ① Adjustment ② Alarm ③ System supervision/recording The Alarm system ② has a dedicated PT100 probe, redundant with the one used for the Adjustment ①. Power is distributed to the two sections of ①Adjustment and ②Alarm which are physically separate (although mounted on the same support) and both have a dedicated power supply.

    In case of the main power supply default, the alarm section ② continues to be powered by the back-up battery (with 36 hours autonomy) and provides power to the user panel ③ while maintaining the ability to display current data and store historical data.

    The supervision unit ③ (user panel) constantly monitors and provides information on the correct operation of the alarm section ② and the control section ① and promptly notifies the user of any data storage anomalies.

    Temperatures range from -20°C to -75°C

    Temperature Uniformity +/-5°C at -75°C

    4000L & 6000L capacities

    Back up refrigeration and electric system


    4000L Datasheet

    6000L Datasheet