Custom Built Chamber Solutions

Expert Custom Built Chamber Services

Our custom built chamber service provides a number of industries with a unique solution to meet specific application requirements. Utilising our in-house expertise and team of Temperature and Humidity Specialists, we have partnered with leading suppliers of chambers, cold rooms and environmental rooms.  

Enabling access to several custom parameters, we’re passionate about ensuring that a chamber or purpose-built room delivers on the requirements that you define. Ultimately the right chamber will allow you to optimise your process, ensuring that products, raw materials, and reagents are tested or stored to accurate specifications.  

Our independent advice, support and guidance can ensure that each bespoke project is designed in a collaborative way, building relationships with our customers helps us to understand exactly what you need from your chamber. Regardless of your industry, we can assist with the planning, design, building, equipment choices and other details that should be considered when customising a chamber solution.  

Solutions Available:

Walk in Chambers

Cold Rooms

Ultra Low Temperature Chambers

Stability Chambers

Test Chamber

The Benefits of a Custom Chamber:

We’re passionate about helping businesses to understand their own requirements and providing them with the capability to shape their processes, facilities, premises and equipment to meet their own needs.  

When conducting environmental testing or long-term cold storage, the quality, installation, and capacity of a chamber is crucial. Similarly, for businesses requiring a constant climatic chamber or a stability testing chamber, maximised control, flexibility and freedom are an absolute must to ensure a chosen solution evolves with their future requirements.

Customisable Parameters

  • Temperature range -10 to -40 to +90  
  • Humidity range   
  • Internal testing volume  
  • Tailored equipment choices  
  • Illumination requirements (e.g. lights for plant growth etc)  
  • Sizing and dimension flexibility
  • Litre capacity to suit your needs – volume and dimension on demand  
  • Suitability for samples at different test stages  

Custom chambers can not only serve the requirements of your temperature monitoring or control, but they can also align with commercial business requirements and bespoke project specifications. Whether it be sustainability, automation, programming, or process optimisation, a tailor-made solution suits a number of sectors. Find out how a custom chamber can be the answer to your pharmaceutical needs as well as aerospace, defence, academic, food manufacturing, advanced engineering and more. 

Our recent project enabled us to build a customised testing chamber. As a well-known, large logistics provider, our customer's priority was to identify a test chamber which would suit their exact needs for the testing of a robotic system. This led us to work with them to build a completely customised solution. Check out the CAD drawings from their custom test chamber project here. 

Walk In Chambers
Walk in climate chambers provide a large scale environment where temperature and humidity can be controlled enabling the testing of large components, assemblies and finished products. Thermostatic and climatic control is just one of many parameters that can be incorporated into a custom walk in chamber, with illumination and CO2 control also being avenues of requirements for some applications. A walk in chamber’s main benefit is that the dimensions and therefore volume capacity are specific to the required application. We can design according to specifications and the referenced laboratory.
Environmental Test Chamber
Custom environment test chambers allow for a purpose-built controlled environment room that can be manipulated to run controlled tests. Temperature and humidity are two key parameters that need to be controlled in an environmental test chamber. Walk in environmental chambers subject products and samples to different climatic conditions that they would likely experience during the product lifecycle. The conditions are specified according to what is being tested, for example typical environmental chambers house biological reagents, industrial products, raw materials and final products.
Stability Chambers
A walk in stability chamber also embeds temperature and humidity control at it’s core. Rather than investigating environmental effects on a product, a walk in stability chambers purpose is to assess the shelf life of packaged products and the stability of of drugs for example. A walk in stability chamber must meet specific guidelines to ensure that the goods stored are being tested to specific regulatory requirements. We’re more than familiar with ICH guidelines for example, which typically govern chemical, physical and microbiological stability.
Cold Rooms
Walk in cold chambers offer control of an environment to a specific temperature, they’re typically used for medium-term storage of potentially perishable goods. We have worked with a number of customers in the food and beverage industry to build custom walk in chambers to meet product demand and temperature management. (link to CAD drawings) Built with large capacity and quick access in mind, walk in cold chambers are also a popular custom solution for vaccine, reagent, medicinal and other biological storage. Temperature uniformity is key in these bespoke storage spaces.
Ultra Low Temperature Chambers
An ultra-low temperature chamber is a specialized piece of equipment used in laboratories and research facilities to create and maintain extremely low temperatures for various applications. These can range from pharmaceutical manufacturing product storage to research facility sample storage. A walk in, ultra low temperature chamber not only provides a controlled environment that allows scientists and researchers to store, test, and manufacture products, but they also allow for accessibility and temperature uniformity. Ensuring any goods stored are preserved for vital future functions.
Testing Chambers
Walk in test chambers enable precise temperature and humidity control of larger scale items. Conducting environmental simulation tests in line with regulatory bodies can vary, which is why a bespoke walk-in test chamber that is designed and engineered for bespoke specifications is the simplest way to conduct testing standards that are 100% compliant. Look past the environmental stability tests and build a custom test chamber which also accounts for vibrations, shocks, pressure, light, air flow and much more.

Why Choose Withnell Sensors?

Building a long-lasting commercial partnership is our priority at Withnell Sensors, we’re committed to great customer service throughout the design, installation and aftercare stages of your project. Check out the CAD drawings from a recent project, the 3D model and designs were catered towards meeting the needs of. 

Expert Team of Temperature and Humidity Specialists

For over 10 years, Withnell Sensors has continued to build it's internal team of Engineers and Technical Sales Consultants to offer unbiased guidance and support. Helping find the right temperature solution for your business.


Supporting You at Every Stage of Your Custom Solution

We offer commissioning, validation and ongoing maintenance across all custom chambers. Providing a full turn-key package that brings with it peace of mind, quality assurance and a ready to operate chamber.

16 - 20 Weeks

Typical turnaround time for bespoke projects

50+ Projects

Successfully designed and executed for our customers

10+ Years

Experience working with a variety of temperature needs

8+ Sector

Applications spanning from aerospace to R&D.

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