vLog - Validatable Data Logger Software

Benefits of the Vaisala vLog Software

  • Easy-to-use Windows data logger interface, graphing and reporting software for FDA-regulated environments
  • Encrypted electronic records meet 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
  • Tamper proof files to ensure integrity of electronic records
  • Detailed graphical, tabular and statistical analysis
  • Fast and reliable serial or USB port communications
  • Exports data to spreadsheet or database programs
  • Veriteq vLog Software is a powerful yet easy-to-use Windows-based software package for configuring, downloading, displaying, analyzing and reporting information from any Veriteq VL or Spectrum series data loggers.
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Powerful data acquisition capabilities

Simple to setup and learn, vLog Software provides essential data acquisition capabilities designed to get your VL-series Validatable data logger systems up and running quickly. You'll be able to communicate with and configure your data loggers and create detailed graphs, charts and printouts with just a few mouse clicks.

Completely tamper-proof and secure, vLog Software produces traceable high-accuracy documentation that meets the electronic record requirements of 21 CFR Part 11. Veriteq vLog Software is compatible with Microsoft Windows NT Version 4.0, 2000, XP, 2003, and Vista operating systems.

vLog Software Feature Summary

Data Security and Integrity

  • produces tamper-proof data logger files
  • program recognizes invalid or altered data logger files and renders them unusable
  • file security and user verification indicators

Presentation-quality reports

  • comprehensive graph and report printouts with review and approved sign-off sections
  • preview reports before printing
  • prints to any Windows-compatible printer

Easy data logger configuration

  • adjust sample rates
  • set up logger start and stop times to synchronize with other loggers and to collect just the data you need
  • enable and disable data logger channels
  • scale recorded data into user-defined measurement units
  • set data logger memory modes (e.g., stop when full, wrap-around when full)

Fast & reliable logger communications

  • quick and convenient downloading of logger data
  • automatic file creation and descriptive naming
  • automatically synchronizes data logger clock to PC clock
  • copy and paste graphs into other Windows applications
  • export to TXT and CSV files for import into Excel or database applications

Flexible graph scaling

  • manual and automatically-scaled graphs
  • set up multiple Y-axes scaling and ranges
  • selectable decimal place precision
  • automatically display temperature graphs in Degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit
  • user-adjustable International date and time formats

Detailed graphical & tabular analysis

  • overlay graphs to highlight relationships between files
  • zoom-in for a closer, more detailed look
  • use the graph cursor to pin-point exact graph values, times and dates
  • set up multiple graph windows for comparative studies
  • display statistical studies
  • list readings in tabular format with dates, times and logged values
  • examine trends in detail with the Scroll graph function
  • automatic Mean Kinetic Temperature calculation

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