Kaye LTR Dry Block and Liquid Baths

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Kaye LTR models

The Kaye LTR Dry Block and Liquid Baths are an all-in-one temperature calibration solution; they are flexible, easy to use and lightweight and robust enough to take utilise on the go. Withnell Sensors can provide both rental and purchase options.

The Kaye LTR-140 (-25 and -40 variants)

The older model; Kaye LTR-140 comes in two temperature ranges –25 to 140 °C and -40 to 140 °C. The temperature reference dry well is specifically designed to fully automate sensor calibration when used with Kaye validation software and traceable temperature standards.

Kaye dry wells feature bespoke inserts which reduce cooling of the thermocouple tips (due to heat conduction) this provides an uncertainty of only 0.1°C.

The LTR-140 features fast heat up and cool down, and a capacity of up to 18 thermocouples calibrated at once as well as requiring no messy oils. Calibrating sensors in the environment where they will be used delivers the best accuracy as system temperature coefficient errors are removed.

The Kaye LTR-150

The new and improved model: the LTR-150 has taken a step further from the 140, making it the most advanced multi-purpose calibrator, specifically created to meet the capacity and flexibility needs for thermal validation. It has a 48 thermocouples capacity, functions as a Dry Block, Liquid Bath or Surface calibrator and saves hours of time and effort when calibrating or verifying validation sensors.

The LTR-150 is backward compatible with the Kaye Validator AVS, Kaye Validator 2000, Kaye ValProbe or Kaye RF ValProbe software for automatic sensor calibration or can be utilised as stand-alone system via it’s simplistic and intuitive touch screen display.

All in one temperature calibrator

Fast Heating and Cooling times

Capacity of up to 48 thermocouples

Stability from +/- 0.01°C and uniformity 0.1°C

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