Kaye HTR Dry Block Temperature Calibrators

  • Kaye HTR-420
  • HTR-420 with IRTD
  • HTR-420 insert

Kaye HTR models

The Kaye HTR models are dry block temperature calibrators specifically designed to completely automate sensor calibration when used in conjunction with Kaye validation software and traceable temperature standard. We have 2 Kaye HTR models available for rental or purchase the newer HTR-420 model and the HTR-400.

The HTR-400

The Kaye HTR-400 dry well implements unique inserts, reducing the cooling of the thermocouple tips due to heat conduction, leading to an excellent uncertainty of 0.1°C. The HTR-400 features fast heat up and cool down, a 24 thermocouples capacity and involves no messy oils.

The HTR-400 is also lightweight and robust, meaning calibration of your sensors can be achieved on the go.

The HTR-420

The newer Kaye HTR-420 has built on the success from the 400-model making it the most advanced high temperature calibrator specifically designed to address the capacity and flexibility needs for thermal validation. The HTR-420 has an increased capacity of 48 thermocouples for calibration at one time and saves hours of time and effort when calibrating or verifying validation sensors. The new dry block temperature calibrator is backward compatible with the Validator 2000, Validator AVS, ValProbe or RF ValProbe software for automatic sensor calibration. It can be also be used as a stand-alone system via it’s simplistic touch screen display.

Robust, lightweight system for portable use

Impressive temp range from 30 to 420°C

Model with touch screen available

Up to 48 thermocouple capacity


Download the Kaye HTR-420 brochure;

Kaye HTR-420 TDS

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