Kaye CTR Portable Liquid Calibration Bath

  • CTR-25 front
  • CTR-25 insert

The Kaye CTR-25 Portable Liquid Calibration Bath

The Kaye CTR-25 is the most up to date model of a long line of advanced calibration dry blocks and baths designed to meet the specific needs of thermal Validation. The CTR-25 was designed with key benefits in mind; featuring unmatched portability, capacity, speed and accuracy requirements compared with other liquid baths on the market today.

The CTR-25 is perfectly suitable for verifications of up to 10 Kaye ValProbe or ValProbe RT Loggers as well as any kind of data logger. Onboard firmware enables automatic real-time verification of RT (real-time) ValProbe Loggers or manual verifications of standard ValProbe loggers.

Utilising an advanced, portable, robust and highly accurate liquid bath provides you with the ability to seamlessly conduct periodic verifications of your Loggers, which greatly reduces the risk associated with waiting for yearly factory calibrations.

The portable liquid calibration bath provides and impressive temperature range from -25°C to 140°C alongside and excellent stability of 0.01°C and uniformity of up to 0.02°C. Kaye technology provides fast heating and cooling times and comes with a uniquely designed fixture to easily hold 10 loggers and one IRTD. Furthermore, with portability in mind, the design comes in at a mere 20kg/44lbs for easy carrying or shipping.

View the data sheet for more information on the CTR-25 portable liquid calibration bath.

CTR insert

Designed with portability in mind- only 22kg

Wide temp range from -25°C to 140°C

Excellent 0.01°C stability/ 0.02°C uniformity

Fixture allows you to easily hold 10 loggers and one IRTD

Download the Kaye CTR-25 data sheet;


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