Kaye AVS Thermal Validation System

Thermal validation systems are essential tools for pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers. The AVS is an advanced model of thermal validation systems which provides accurate and precise temperature and environmental measurements to comply with regulatory guidelines such as GMP protocols and FDA approvals. 

Thermal Validation Systems by Kaye

Kaye offers thermal validation systems to assist with temperature mapping, data logging, validation processes, qualification of equipment and regulatory compliance.

The Kaye AVS (advanced validation system) is a market-leading, highly accurate, sensor which meets stringent GMP requirements for documentation and reports. 

In the pharmaceutical industry, ensuring the proper temperature and environmental conditions during the manufacturing and storage of products is critical for ensuring quality, safety and efficacy. 

Thermal validation systems play a key role in achieving and documenting compliance with these processes. Find out how the Kaye AVS achieves this, as well as it's innovative features, below:

thermal validation systems by Kaye, the new AVS!
The AVS by Kaye, leader in thermal validation systems
The AVS by Kaye, leader in thermal validation systems

An Overview of the Kaye AVS, (Advanced Validation System)

The Kaye Thermal Validator AVS (Advanced Validation System) provides:

  • Highly accurate sensor measurements
  • Meets GMP requirements for calibration
  • Fulfills traceability to national standards
  • Generates compliant reports
  • Manages the validated assets and validation equipment.

To add, the advanced thermal validation system offers improved-quality hardware features, an easy-to-use data handling concept and an intuitive, user-friendly software interface.

The Kaye AVS operates with an integrated validation system, providing improved data management as well as saving you valuable time and money through the simplified validation process.

The Kaye Validator AVS provides you with a completely new and upgraded validation concept. The AVS console will be the common platform for all validation products going forward. It is dedicated specifically for validation, removing worries about operating systems. The Software is preloaded and ready to go, with a customised interface for validation equipment, simplifying the validation process.

Independent Advice

We are always on hand to offer expert advice and technical support. Our engineers have experience working with a range of clients on various projects, including navigating the various thermal validation systems in the market, to identify an instrument that suits their needs.

Contact us now if you’d like to learn more about the AVS thermal validation system or our other products and services.


Technical Support

Withnell Sensors Ltd is an authorised partner and after sale service provider of Kaye thermal validation equipment in the UK & Ireland. The team have an extensive knowledge of Kaye equipment and are always happy to support your queries. We can also provide UKAS accredited calibration on the Kaye AVS and other Kaye equipment.

Successor to the Validator 2000

Integrated vaildation system

Cost and time efficient

Simplified validation process

Technical support available

Applications & Features

  • Steam Sterilizers (Autoclaves)
  • Dry Heat Sterilizers
  • Steam in Place (SIP)
  • Water Cascade/Fall Sterilizers
  • Incubators
  • Stability Chambers
  • Freezers
  • Freeze Dryer/Lyophilisation
  • Vessels
  • Enhanced data handling and redundancy (4-levels)
  • Expanded input capacity, types, and range
  • Improved scan time 2/sec for 48 inputs (EN554/ISO17665)
  • Stand-alone operation with Console docking station
  • Hardened, rugged Console pre-loaded with all Kaye software
  • Easy-to-operate / state-of-the art intuitive user interface
  • Ethernet/ WiFi/ Docking Station connections
  • Asset centric concept for process equipment and Kaye hardware
  • Console capable of running existing Kaye product software.
  • Improved Reporting Analysis Tool –backward compatible
  • Simplified validation (GAMP-5)

Technical Specifications;

Analog InputUp to 48
ThermocouplesType T, J, K,E,B,R,N,S: 0.1°C; T+ limited range 0.01°C resolution
Scanning speed36 channel in 1 sec and 48 channels in 2 Sec
Internal Memory4 gb for data collection
Input Impedence10KΩ. Source greater than 10KΩ produces open circuit indication
Common Mode Rejection160 db (8 inputs/sec) @ line frequency 145 db (12 inputs/sec) @ line frequency 140 db @ DC
Max. Common Mode Voltage100V pk ch-to-ch350V pk ch-to ch to frame ground
Normal Mode Rejection82 db @ 60 Hz (8 inputs/sec)69 db @ 60 Hz (12 inputs/sec)
Voltage Input0-10 VDC
Voltage Input Accuracy 30 days: ±(0.003% of reading + 2 counts + 4 microvolts) 1 year: ±(0.006% of reading + 2 counts + 4 microvolts)
Sensitivity0.5 microvolts/count on most sensitive range
Voltage Temp. Coef.±(0.1 microvolts + 0.001% reading)/°C
Compensator Temp. Coef.±0.01°C per °C
Input Terminal Temperature Non-uniformity±0.1°C from calibrated terminal
Input Ranges-6 to 30mV, -12 to 60mV, -60 to 300mV, -2 to 10V
Environmental RangesTemperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F) Relative humidity: 95% non-condensing
Power90 to 250 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Fuse Rating4A Slow Blow
Size190H X 411W X 381 mm D (457 mm with SIM) 7.5 in H x 16.2 in W x 15 in D (18 in with SIM)
Weight10.60 kg (23.4 lbs)
BatteryLithium ion with minimum 3 hours of battery backup

Please download our Kaye AVS thermal validation system brochure;


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