Vacuum Ovens/ Vacuum Dryers

Vacuum Ovens/ Vacuum Dryers

For a significantly increased drying rate

Withnell Sensors offer a range of Vacuum ovens from Kambic, the high performance dryers are manufactured in three standard chamber sizes with maximum operating temperature of 200°C. If required, this range also provides a foundation upon which a wide range of custom modifications can be added.

A Vaccum Dryer is used for the mass transfer operation in which the moisture present in a substance (usually wet solid) is removed by means of creating vacuum. In chemical process industries like food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, textile, paper & pulp etc. drying is an essential unit operation to remove moisture.

Vacuum drying is generally used for the drying of those substances which are hygroscopic and heat sensitive and is based on the principle of creating a vacuum to decrease the pressure below the vapor pressure of the water. With the help of vacuum pumps, the pressure is reduced around the substance to be dried. This decreases the boiling point of water inside that product and, thus, increases the rate of evaporation significantly. The result is a significantly increased drying rate of the product.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the vacuum dryer is known by a common name called vacuum oven. The oven is divided into hollow trays which increases the surface area for heat conduction .The oven door is locked air tight by a high grade silicone seal and is connected to vacuum pump to reduce the pressure.

Independent Advice

We are always on hand to offer expert advice and technical support. Our engineers have experience with working with a range of clients on various projects. We can help you to select the right vacuum oven to suit your requirements and our after sales care is exceptional, offering extra reassurance. Get in contact for more information about our Vacuum Dryers and we will help you find the solution you need for your specific requirements.
Vacuum Ovens/ Vacuum Dryer

Low temperature evaporation

Drying curves determination

Dry mass determination

Pilot vacuum drying

Vacuum oven/ Vacuum Dryer Features:

  • Protection observation window
  • AISI 304 Stainless steel chamber, polished to Ra 0,5m with quick door closing mechanism and highly resistant food grade silicone seal
  • Chamber door made of hardened glass with overpressure relieve function
  • Fully enclosed design with powder coated exterior
  • Heated shelves, integrated heater and PID
  • Trolley with shelf for vacuum pump
  • Manual vacuum break valve
  • Manual valve for controlled leakage
  • General vacuum valve

Available models for the Vacuum Dyers:

VS-25 SCVS-50 SCVS-130 SC
Volume (L)2550130
Temperature Range (°C)Ambient +5....200Ambient +5....200Ambient +5....200
External dimensions (WxHxD)480 x 602 x 430mm730 x 510 x 495mm670 x 856 x 725mm
Internal Dimensions (WxHxD)300 x 275 x 307mm405 x 340 x 370mm495 x 495 x 530mm
Temperature stability (°C)

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