Ultra-Stable Standard Resistor Maintenance Bath

Standard resistor maintenance bath information

Withnell Sensors is the exclusive distributor of Kambic products to the UK. Offering calibration baths and high specification calibration chambers.

This dedicated standard resistor maintenance bath is a state of the art solution using a unique vertical flow design. It comes with an exceptional metrology performance as well as the uniformity and stability in mK range. The product includes a hinged transparent cover, multiple access ports and comes in three bath sizes.

The standard resistor mainetenance baths have unmatched performance, with a robust, high quality design. Kambic, based in Slovenia, have years of experience in the manufacture of calibration baths and they have been distributed worldwide.

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Ultra-Stable Standard Resistor Maintenance Bath

Three different sizes

Unique vertical flow design

0.003 stability @ 23 °C

Exceptional uniformity

Standard Resistor Maintenance Bath Features:

  • Special double cylinder design with unique vertical flow across entire working volume
  • Extensive high performance heat insulation
  • 7" capacitive touch screen controller with user friendly interface, advance settings options, Ethernet and USB communication ports
  • 50L or 70L or 110L working chamber volume with immersion depth 268 mm
  • Full 4 side maintenance access.
  • Over temperature shut off device.

Please download our standard resistor maintenance bath brochure for more detailed information

Available models:

OB-60/2 LTUSOB-100/2 LTUSOB-110/2 LTUS
Temperature Range+5C to +60°C+5C to +60°C+5C to +60°C
External dimensions (WxHxD)1000 x 1070 x 550mm1101 x 1070 x 651mm1101 x 1134 x 751mm
Internal Dimensions (cross x immersion depth)550 x 268 x 320mm640 x 268 x 400mm640 x 350 x 500

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