Plant Growth Chambers

Plant Growth Chambers

Our Environmental Growth Chambers have exceptional performance and unbeatable value and are a perfect solution for on-site calibrations.

Withnell Sensors are the exclusive UK distributors of Kambic, a manufacturer of plant growth chambers based in Slovenia.

Kambic environmental growth chambers have a superior price/performance ratio. Select from 3 different chamber sizes, control the relative humidity, temperature, CO2 and daylight simulation. The ideal solution for botanical and agricultural applications, plant pathology, plant tissue culture studies, seed germination studies and plant genetic research

The plant growth chambers come with a special dual chamber design, providing a uniform and stable temperature and Rr field throughout the entire chamber. The environmental growth chambers provide a simple and effective programming of day and night simulation processes. Extensive heat insulation shield on all chamber sides and doors as well as a double soft profile silicone seal. The interior of the chambers are fully stainless steel and the exterior is a galvanized and powder coated steel. There is an integrated refrigeration system based on a hermetic compressor and air-cooled condenser. Optional water cooling is available.

Independent Advice

We are always on hand to offer expert advice and technical support. Our engineers have experience with working with a range of clients on various projects. We can help you to select the right environmental growth chamber to suit your requirements and our after sales care is exceptional, offering extra reassurance.
Kambic Plant Growth Chambers UK

Exceptional uniformity and stability across range

Simulate day or night conditions

Control humidity, temperature and CO2

3 Chamber sizes from 340L to 1000L

Plant Growth Chamber Features:

  • Easy to use fully programmable controller, simulate day or night conditions
  • Special dual chamber design providing a uniform and stable temperature and Rh profile throughout
  • Refrigeration based on hermetic compressor and air cooled condenser
  • Extensive heat insulation shield on all chamber sides and door
  • Flura lights can be installed under the shelves or on the doors and rear of chamber
  • Galvanised and powder coated steel exterior
  • Easily removable and height adjustabe shelves

Accessories for the Environmental Growth Chambers:

Select from a range of accessories and options, such as:

  • Additional wire shelves
  • Additional sealable side access port (Ø40 , Ø50 , Ø90)
  • Monitoring and Data collection software for PC
  • CO2 control system
  • Ethernet interface
  • USB interface

Available models:

RK-340 CHRK-500 CHRK-1000 CH
Temperature Range+5°C to +60°C+5°C to +60°C+5°C to +60°C
Relative Humidity Range10% to 95% 10% to 95%10% to 95%
External dimensions (WxHxD)834 x 1895 x 1135mm1600 x 1980 x 700mm2040 x 1983 x 886mm
Internal Dimensions (WxHxD)600 x 830 x 685mm680 x 1400 x 520mm1045 x 1400 x 700mm
Day Light SimulationFLUORA lights (LED option)FLUORA lights (LED option)FLUORA lights (LED option)
Illumination Intensity1/3, 2/3, 3/31/3, 2/3, 3/31/3, 2/3, 3/3

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