Peltier Chambers

Peltier Chambers

For calibration of air temperature and relative humidity sensors

Withnell Sensors offer a range of Peltier Chambers from Kambic, the quiet chambers are manufactured in two standard chamber sizes with maximum operating temperature of 55°C. If required, this range also provides a foundation upon which a wide range of custom modifications can be added.

The stability chambers are for environmental simulation, material testing and stability testing. The peltier system means they are quiet, space-saving, environmentally friendly and also economical. The innovative Peltier technology in the Kambic peltier climatic chamber provide stable and precise long-term tests. The temperature control from +8 ºC to +55 ºC, as well as the active humidification and dehumidification from 10% to 98% rh, are optimally tuned to the requirements of stability analysis.

Generally, stability tests are performed at a temperature close to the ambient temperature. With the Kambic peltier chamber, the impressive economy of the heating and cooling concept with Peltier elements can be seen. Over the course of a test run lasting several months, energy savings of up to 90 % can be achieved. Because it runs so quietly, the constant climate chamber is ideal not only for environment simulation and long-term material tests, but also for breeding insects and reptiles.

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Kambic Peltier Chambers UK

Cascade PID control

Small product stability testing

Superior temperature & Rh stability

Stable, silent, vibration free climatic conditions

Peltier Chamber Features:

  • Touch screen based controller with user friendly interface, history graph advance settings options
  • Water tank with illumination and safety level switch
  • Fully stainless steel chamber with all rounded corners
  • Fully enclosed design with powder coated exterior
  • Extensive heat insulation shield on all chamber sides and doors
  • Fan for internal air circulation
  • Soft profile silicone seal
  • Height adjustable stainless steel wire shelve, additional shelves as accessory
  • Temperature controlled observation window with illumination (As accessory)

Available models for the Peltier Chambers:

Volume (L)57125
Temperature Range (°C)Ambient +8....55Ambient +10....50
Relative humidity range (%)10....9810....98
External dimensions (WxHxD)570 x 800 x 660mm670 x 1135 x 755mm
Internal Dimensions (WxHxD)400 x 400 x 360mm500 x 500 x 500mm
Temperature stability (°C)±0.06 @ 15 °C, 75%Rh ±0.04 @ 20 °C, 60%Rh ±0.03 @ 30 °C, 65%Rh ±0.06 @ 50 °C, 75%Rh ±0.12 @ 50 °C, 15%Rh±0.08 @ 15 °C, 75%Rh ±0.05 @ 20 °C, 60%Rh ±0.05 @ 30 °C, 65%Rh ±0.10 @ 50 °C, 75%Rh ±0.10 @ 50 °C, 15%Rh

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