FARRAR™ 4000 Series Freeze Thaw Chamber

Controlled Rate Freezer Model 4000

Withnell Sensors partners with FARRAR™ to offer the Model 4000 Freeze Thaw Chamber to the UK market. FARRAR™ pioneered forced air convection cooling to meet the challenge of preserving biologic samples and materials. The Controlled Rate Freezer provides consistent, accurate, and brisk freezing and thawing of bulk materials and samples before cold storage. Intended for bioprocessing applications, the Model 4000 freeze thaw chamber drastically reduces freezing and thawing conditioning times, determined in hours, not days or weeks. The precise and rapid freeze thaw chamber safeguards product quality by facilitating timely, uniform bulk freezing and thawing of protein or products stored in a gamut of containers, varying in sizes and shapes (bags, bottles, etc.) including single use system (SUS), polycarbonate vessels or polypropylene vessels. Our cutting-edge Controlled Rate Freezer model 4002/05 (air-cooled) or 4102/05 (water-cooled) executes rapid freezing and thawing for +40˚ C to -80˚ C temperature needs. Farrar's refrigeration experts & Withnell Sensors temperature & humidity specialists assist users plan their process and provide in depth performance data to make sure requirements are met.

Chamber Volume23.3 Cu. Ft. (659.8 L)
Temperature Range +40˚C to –80˚C
Interior Dimensions (W x D x H)34” x 27.5” x 43” (863.6 x 698.5 x 1092.2 mm)
Exterior Dimensions (W x D x H)75” x 38” x 80” (1901.5 x 960.4 x 2028.8 mm)
Pull Down Empty ChamberUnder 38 minutes from +25˚C to –80˚C
100L Load +25˚C to –80˚CUnder 12 Hours
Uniformity Air Temperature+/- 2.0˚C
Heat TransferConvection, Air Flow Evaporator
CertificationCE International Models, UL Field Listing Available
Ambient Operating Temperature+18˚C to +30˚C<
Air-cooled Condenser Requirements+18˚C to +30˚C
Water-cooled Condenser RequirementsTower Water 85˚F (29.5˚C), Max. Flow Rate 7gpm (26.5 l/min)
Chilled Water 45˚F (7.2˚C), Max. Flow Rate 3.5 gpm (13.25 l/min)

Validation IQ/OQ/PQ available

Rapid Freeze/Thaw +40˚C to -80˚C

60 air exchanges / minute (1000 CFM)

Suitable for various samples container types

Controlled Rate Freezer Model 4000

  • Wide-range temperature capability for nearly any application (+40˚C to -80˚C
  • Air or water-cooled options available Uniform, repeatable results to help ensure quality control
  • Cycle start/stop with +/-1˚C product temperature tolerance
  • Sizable and powerful cooling capacity achieves steady state in 38min (empty chamber) and is capable of freezing 100L to -80˚C in under 12h
  • No set-up time required Simple place and go setup of chamber and control/use one of three freeze/thaw profiles
  • No in-process containers or shells required
  • Adjustable shelves available to streamline processing
  • Provides rapid, efficient, controlled rate freeze/thaw process
  • Enables fast, uniform freeze/thaw of bulk protein or products
  • Increases yield rates from 40-90% and reduces freeze/thaw conditioning to hours instead of days or weeks
  • Ensures repeatable results
  • 60 air exchanges per minute (1000 CFM) quickly and efficiently freezes or thaws samples
  • Forced air circulation provides both rapid freezing to the desired temperature and even cooling throughout the container without false freeze points
  • Temperature specific conditioning eliminates uncertainty and satisfies processing and shipping protocols for various drug products or substances
  • Universal container acceptance for any application (carboys, single use bags, bottles or racks of vials)
  • Configurable for all batches and sizes Solid phase conditioning assures maximum heat of fusion for greater energy storage and longest cooling capacity over time
  • Flexible material handling solutions available for your process and containers

Farrar 4000LC

Also featuring the controlled rate freezer model 4000LC. This model has all the technical specifications of the model 4000, with an additional feature in the 12-inch HMI screen with graphical display of chamber and product temperature with export capabilities.

We provide validation of all fridge, freezer and chamber units