Climatic Testing & Temperature Cycling

Climatic testing and temperature cycling

Our climatic testing or ‘temperature cycling’ service recreates environmental conditions to match the genuine climates we experience in the real world within our specialist chambers. Using our expertly engineered Kambic equipment, temperature and humidity conditions can be mimicked to an extremely precise degree. This allows us to test how products and materials will cope if they encounter extreme working environments. The information gathered from the climatic testing and temperature cycling tests allows you to find areas of improvement for your products or check they will be viable altogether.

We can achieve incredibly precise climatic testing and temperature cycling tests due to our expert equipment and highly knowledgeable staff. Experimenting with either the temperature, humidity or both at the same time to assess your products performance. We can test over a temperature range of – 40 to + 180°C and 10 to 95% humidity. overall temperature stability is approximately ±0.5°C with a temperature uniformity of less than 1.5°C, ensuring highly accurate conditions for your goods. We offer either constant, or temperature cycling testing on your products and materials. The internal size of our chamber is 600 x 610 x 510mm with an 80kg maximum weight capacity. As you can see in the images, there is racking inside the chamber, allowing us to test multiple items at once, or they can be removed for larger test items.

Climatic testing and temperature cycling

Constant or temperature cycle tests

80kg max load

–40 to + 180°C test range

Temperature stability 0.5°C

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