Transportation & Cold Chain Temperature Monitoring

Cold chain temperature monitoring and transportation solutions

We know that your temperature-controlled supply chain is critical to product quality and safety. Our customers are striving for an uninterrupted cold chain sequence from production to storage and distribution. One of the biggest challenges in the chain is often transportation temperature monitoring due to a range of logistical variables.

Our cold chain temperature monitoring solution provides customers with added reassurance that environmental conditions have been monitored and recorded throughout the entire supply chain. Whether you are looking to protect temperature sensitive food products or pharmaceutical products we have the right logger.

Our SenseAnywhere system is cloud-based and can encompass temperature monitoring throughout several elements of your supply chain. Using the robust, compact AiroSensors and discreet 'access points' it is possible to build up a wireless network that covers your process end-to-end. This system is 'hands-off' and offers many benefits from a reporting and auditing perspective with a seamless chain of data available to view in the cloud from a smart device anywhere in the world.

Monitoring Medicine Temperatures in Transit

One example of regulations that are in place for cold chain temperature monitoring is for Medicines. The MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency) says that global supply chain is regarded as a storage area by regulators. Therefore, regulations have been altered as a result of this, with the EU GDP Guidelines that were put in place in 2013.

Chapter 9 of the EU GDP Guidelines states that ‘It is the responsibility of the supplying wholesale distributor to protect medicinal products against breakage, adulteration and theft, and to ensure that temperature conditions are maintained within acceptable limits during transport. Regardless of the mode of transport, it should be possible to demonstrate that the medicines have not been exposed to conditions that may compromise their quality and integrity. A risk-based approach should be utilised when planning transportation.

AiroSensor- the cold chain monitoring solution