WSL Introduces DataTrace to the UK & Ireland

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WSL Introduces DataTrace to the UK & Ireland

Datatrace data loggers


The team at Withnell Sensors are proud to partner with American firm Mesa Labs to bring DataTrace Data Loggers to the UK and Ireland. The range of loggers offer customers the perfect balance of versatility and reliability. Sales Manager Philip de Freitas talks about the recent addition to their product offering ‘We are very excited about the DataTrace product, take the RF wireless loggers for instance, this product alone will present our customers with a new experience in validation-removing the need for thermocouples, we know this is what our customers want.’

Looking to the future-wireless Logging for Real-Time Data

The team recently travelled to the US to improve their knowledge and experience with the product range. DataTrace is an established brand and already has a worldwide following in various industries. Known by many as the pioneers of wireless loggers, DataTrace supported other companies with the development of their own wireless systems but has since focused on further developing their product in a market where competitors have stood still. These loggers are now more versatile and reliable than ever and operate in conjunction with comprehensive, multi-functional software. The range of RF loggers cover temperature, humidity and pressure offering real-time data alongside an exceptional technical specification. The engineering team told us ‘There are so many applications that these loggers are suited too, probably one of the most beneficial for our customers would be the validation of steam autoclaves where at present other wireless systems just don’t offer reliability’.

DataTrace also offer a range of self contained wireless loggers which are equally a great product in their own right. These loggers cover temperature, humidity and pressure. One of the first things that strikes you with this range is how compact they are, it’s really quite hard to put them into perspective. Their ‘dinky’ size means that the sensors can be closer to the product offering more valid data. The compact loggers can still pack a decent punch on the specification side, collecting up to 16,000 data points, fully traceable and calibrated and of course FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant. All of the DataTrace products are intrinsically safe allowing them to be used in various applications including more hazardous environments.

Offering the full Service Solution

Existing customers will already appreciate Withnell Sensor’s commitment to customer service. Philip de Freitas is quite passionate when he discusses this aspect of the business ‘We aren’t just here for the short sell, on-going service has always been hugely important to our business. Part of this on-going commitment is ensuring that we can provide support for our customers after the product has been implemented. We also want customers to share the confidence that we have in this range by delivering repeatable service results’

Many factors influence service decisions including cost, turn-around time, flexibility and quality. Regulations within the pharmaceutical industry recommend annual calibration of most validation systems. With this in mind Withnell Sensors are working towards offering a UK based, UKAS accredited calibration of the DataTrace products which are currently calibrated in the USA. The Quality Manager, Samantha Smith informs us ‘We already operate a successful UKAS accredited facility and we know that offering a competitive service solution is fundamental to the success of introducing these products. A UK calibration will minimise down-time, offer a facility that our customers can easily access and provide certification from an accredited body that our customers are familiar with.’ Withnell Sensors are working closely with Mesa Labs and other calibration providers to enable them to offer an effective service from summer 2012.

New Prospects

Withnell Sensors has long been associated with offering validation service solutions to the Pharmaceutical and BioTech industries. The introduction of this versatile product to their portfolio will present opportunities to extend their comprehensive service to other industries. These industries can benefit not only from the quality and reliability of the DataTrace range but also from the expertise of the UK based field service engineers.

Everything considered we are confident that we will see more companies adopting the DataTrace products for their future data logging requirements.