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Withnell Sensors offers the AiroSensor from SenseAnywhere to the UK & Ireland

SenseAnywhere AiroSensor

About the AiroSensor

Withnell Sensors are proud to offer the new AiroSensor from SenseAnywhere to the UK and Ireland. The AiroSensor is a revolutionary data logger that provides hassle free temperature data recording.

The AiroSensor is a new generation, wireless, ultra-low-powered data logger that collects and records data via the Cloud. It collects accurate temperature and humidity data at programmable predefined intervals and sends it to the central database in the Cloud. The data is kept in an online account and stored for 5 years.

It has a compact and robust design, with one ultrasonic welded PC-ABS casing which is waterproof (IP 62) and measures just over 2×3×4 cm. It can be installed wirelessly into a fridge or freezer and has an impressive 600m range.

The product requires no maintenance, no PC software to install, no back-up needed, and data is directly accessible anywhere on any smart device. There are also no buttons or switches due to the device being fully controllable from the Cloud.

The impressive battery can last up to 10 years and means that it delivers over one million measurements to the Cloud in its lifetime. Fully plug and play, the user just connects their network to the Access Point and installs the AiroSensor in the area where monitoring is needed.

The QR code printed on the side, gives the Sensor its interactive display by just scanning it with a smart phone or tablet.

Suitable Applications

Pharmacies must comply with strict rules and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry. Medicines and vaccines must be kept in specific conditions to prevent the loss of quality and effectiveness.

SenseAnywhere provides reliable monitoring solutions that monitor conditions securely, automatically and continuously. With our easy to handle data loggers you take care of time and temperature records of the storage facilities. Alarm settings can be easily set to suit the requirements of different types of medicines and provide instant warning per Email or SMS. Reliable temperature logging is guaranteed so you can ensure that your drugs are being stored correctly.

Other suitable applications for the product include the transport of medicine, agriculture, healthcare, laboratories, warehouses, food and cold chain.

Please watch the video to understand more about the AiroSensor