Withnell Sensors for Medical Labs

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Withnell Sensors for Medical Labs

Withnell Sensors for Medical labs

Broad Range of Medical Laboratory Equipment and Services

As temperature and humidity specialists, Withnell Sensors can offer a great range of medical laboratory equipment and services suited to this sector. We currently support the pharmaceutical, biotech and research industries with solutions for medical laboratories that need to meet the requirements of ISO 15189. Withnell Sensors have been UKAS accredited to ISO 17025 for over 10 years. We are proud to offer precision calibration services of the highest standard with some of the best measurement uncertainties in our field. We bring the best brands from all over the world for temperature monitoring and control requirements, supplying data loggers, fridges, freezers, climate chambers and more. Our specialist bio storage centre also allows us to provide the controlled storage of biological materials, samples, vaccines and more for scientific research and clinical applications.

Medical Laboratory Equipment

Data Loggers for Continuous Monitoring

Continuous temperature monitoring for laboratory areas as well as independent monitoring of any fridges and freezers will be a fundamental part of any medical labs infrastructure. We are pleased to be able to offer one of the most intuitive and user-friendly systems, designed exactly for this application. In fact we use this system ourselves to monitor our precision calibration laboratory in Lancashire.

The SenseAnywhere AiroSensor, is a fully automated & wireless data logger that monitors your samples and controlled areas 24/7. It leads a new generation of ultra-low power, wireless temperature (& humidity) data loggers. Providing accurate temperature and humidity monitoring information and offering automatic, wireless transfer to the cloud. You can access your data on any smart device through your secure cloud portal!

The data loggers are set up in under 10 minutes, offer a 10-year battery life and do not require 'backing up'. Alarm settings can be easily set to suit individual requirements and provide instant warnings via Email or SMS in the case of any excursions. Reporting and quality compliance is a breeze using the intuitive, software and one click report templates.

Kambic & Angelantoni Life Science Chambers, Baths, Cold Rooms & Freezers

We are exclusive partners of Angelantoni Life Science (ALS) and Kambic Metrology, allowing us to offer high quality medical laboratory equipment. Some of the products that might interest are our laboratory fridges and freezers, including our ULT medical freezer which comes in two temperature ranges -40°C and -86°C. We also have a fully automated liquid nitrogen freezer, the Smartfreezer, which is the only fully automated ultra-low temperature cryogenic freezer for individual storage and retrieval of vials at -180°C in liquid nitrogen (vapor phase). Our PlasmaFrost ITeM™ plasma blast freezer, which brings the plasma bags temperature to -30°C in less than 60 minutes. We also have many different climatic chambers coming in at varying sizes and temperature ranges, with custom units available. Finally, we have high quality cold rooms available from both brands, both providing excellent performance and product features. The brands provide quality engineering at an affordable cost, with incredibly intuitive and user-friendly technology combined with the ultimate security and reliability of their products.

Services for Medical Labs

UKAS Accredited Temperature & Humidity Calibration

We understand that to comply with ISO 15189 medical laboratory data loggers and sensors must be routinely calibrated by a competent laboratory. We have been ISO 17025 accredited since 2011 and can offer UKAS accredited temperature calibration for a range of data loggers and probes with temperature points covered from -90 to 250°C. Our high precision laboratory offers some of the best measurement uncertainties in the country, calibrating thousands of loggers every year from some the leading brands including Comark, LogTag, TinyTag, Ebro, ETI, IceSpy and more. We also provide UKAS accredited humidity calibration. Helping ensure precise humidity measurements of the controlled environments where samples might be processed and stored. We can provide calibration across the range of 10% rh to 90% rh and 10°C to 60°C.

UKAS Accredited Chamber Calibration-Fridges, Freezers and Incubators

Withnell Sensors can provide UKAS accredited calibration of temperature and/or humidity-controlled enclosures, such as, chambers, cold rooms, fridges, and freezers. A UKAS calibration provides the added reassurance in the validity of the results due to the transparency and methodology used in the process.

Controlled Storage

Withnell Sensors offer the controlled temperature storage of biological materials, samples, vaccines and more for scientific research and clinical applications. Our highly secure facility is managed by thoroughly trained staff, with a great deal of expertise and knowledge in the storage of biological and pharmaceutical materials. We ensure a secure environment for customers materials- in our fully validated, calibrated and continuously monitored facility. We can offer temperatures from -80 through to ambient storage. Off-site storage allows you to free up space in your own facility as well as providing a contingency backup of irreplaceable samples for disaster recovery purposes. Our advanced storage facility has double redundant back-up capability to protect your product against a range of critical failures. The facility is highly secure, with key card access being the only method of entry to the building and its inner doors. CCTV monitors the building 24/7. As a unique feature in this area we can also offer customers 24/7 access to their specific live temperature monitoring for absolute assurance and reporting benefits.

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Medical Laboratory Equipment and Services