Freezer & Fridge Temperature Monitoring Systems

Why set up a freezer or fridge temperature monitoring system?

Increasing regulations and quality standards are driving the commercial demand for a reliable, accurate fridge temperature monitoring system. Temperature conditions can have several impacts on your product or process. Adverse conditions can cause product degradation, safety issues or bring the integrity of laboratory samples into question. Freezer temperature monitoring is perhaps even more critical given that many frozen products are even less susceptible to a deviation in temperature and will often need to be wasted in the event of a temperature failure. There can be several reasons for a temperature deviation, ranging from human error, power issues or hardware failure. In the event of temperature departures then prompt, alert notification is crucial. By providing key personnel with advance warning, emergency action plans can be implemented to intervene and protect products, lab samples and invaluable work.

We can help with your monitoring needs

The right temperature monitoring system should operate independently of the fridge or freezer and deliver consistency, reliability, and reassurance. We have successfully supported a range of customers across various industries, including research laboratories, pharmacies, food manufacturers, food retailers, catering companies and pharmaceutical manufacturers. Whether you are looking at a small fridge temperature monitoring system or a large-scale industrial freezer temperature monitoring system we will have the right equipment to help.

We stock a range of data loggers and temperature monitoring equipment therefore our advice is always independent and will be tailored to your needs. We are specialists in temperature and humidity and our engineers will consider several things before making a recommendation. They will consider your measurement parameters, number of measurement locations, the purpose of the monitoring and it's impact on your entire operation, IT infrastructure and many other factors.

Our data loggers for fridge temperature monitoring/ freezer temperature monitoring

Two of our brands lend themselves to this type of application, we have summarised them below and included links to the product pages so you can discover more about the technical specifications.


The SenseAnywhere fridge monitoring system is ideal for this application. It sends secure live data sent straight to the cloud, and Instant SMS and email alerts for if temperature conditions go out of your set parameters means your good are always protected. You have 24/7 access to your data via any smart device from anywhere in the world using the innovative user-friendly software. With this online portal you can also generate reports at the click of a button making compliance a breeze. The loggers come with a 10-year battery life, they are cost effective, robust and waterproof and also come with a calibration swap out feature. The model with external probe is available for expanded temp range reaching as low as -200°C making it perfect as a freezer temperature probe. We also provide a free, no obligation 7 day trial of this system, contact us today to find out more or apply here.


Vaisala data loggers are a versatile and reliable replacement for chart recorders and bulky data acquisition systems, ideal for mapping/validation, the data loggers provide high accuracy humidity and/or temperature measurement and recording. A complete solution, Vaisala eliminates costly downtime from pre- and post-calibration and deliver accurate, validatable results.

This is ideal for standalone applications like validation / mapping, primary system back-up, and critical product transport or connected to your network for real-time monitoring, alarming, and data archiving. Data recording capabilities include accurate time-based readings up to six times per minute, for durations lasting up to several years. No charts, wires, connections or power cords are required.

Airosensor fridge temp monitoring


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continuous temperature monitoring


Vasiala has powerful software and is highly accurate

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