The Asset Tag- Calibration Swap Out

No More Temperature Data Gaps or Reconfiguration

Periodical re-calibration of data loggers to ensure quality and accuracy is a standard practice and requirement within most industries where a temperature monitoring system is required or recommended. Data loggers are utilised to monitor products and goods that can often be dangerous if they are not stored in the correct conditions. Therefore, to ensure consumer safety, all monitoring equipment must be properly maintained with periodic calibration by an accredited calibration laboratory (like Withnell Sensors). Although, the problems that many experience during this recalibration period can be disruptive, time consuming and frustrating. Drawbacks that may arise include confusion over which data logger was monitoring what and when, time without your instruments in place, the reconfiguring of alarms and reports and also the issue most obstructive for quality audits; time and data gaps in the monitoring of an asset or chamber. These problems may also arise if it’s time to replace a data logger or if a logger needs to be serviced.

The new ‘asset tagging’ feature from our SenseAnywhere system allows you to set your alarms and reports to monitor the asset itself rather than the individual loggers. This is achieved through splitting the asset tag into two parts: one part displays a barcode and you attach this to the logger holder inside the location i.e. the fridge and the other side has a QR code which you apply to the outside of the location. The QR can now be scanned to view the data for the fridge or to swap in one data logger for another and when it is time for calibration, repairs or replacements. You now also have a complete temp/RH history of your assets without any temperature data gaps, providing seamless compliance and assurance. There is also no reconfiguration needed for alarms, reports and other customised settings. Data loggers will automatically take on those set to the tag and finally- no additional paperwork. It's a revolution for compliance meeting your requirements for quality assurance and is a logistical dream!

Simple, Seamless Swap Out

  • Monitor temp/RH of asset itself
  • Data loggers can be switched at any time
  • Complete temp/RH history of assets without any gaps
  • No reconfiguration needed (alarms, reports etc.)
  • No paperwork
  • Complete audit trail
  • Take a look at our Asset tag presentation to see how it works!

    We also have an Asset tag full set up runthrough video available, watch below;