ClimateSensor- Temperature, Humidity and CO2 Monitoring

The SenseAnywhere ClimateSensor, a cloud based, wireless temperature, humidity and CO2 monitoring system

The ClimateSensor from SenseAnywhere is the most versatile and lowest power consuming wireless indoor climate sensor around. It runs up to 10 years un-attended on its internal battery and contains a CO2, temperature and humidity sensor.

Model 20-20-51 has PIR to detect presence of people in the room. The sensors are perfectly fit to monitor indoor climate conditions of class rooms, meeting rooms and any other room in inhabited buildings. The information from the climate sensor can be used for creating optimal indoor conditions and will contribute to energy saving and greener buildings by adapting the heat/cooling and ventilation of individual rooms.

Suited to various applications and industries


Technical Data:

The Climate Sensor

SenseAnywhere AiroSensor

Wireless, cloud based data loggers

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SenseAnywhere ClimateSensor

Temperature, Humidity and CO2

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