Package Refrigeration Units and Plants

About the Package Refrigeration Units

According to the Governments Department of Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, they name packaged chillers on the Energy Technology List as factory assembled refrigeration units that are designed to cool liquid using a self-contained, electrically-driven mechanical vapour compression system. A packaged chiller includes the refrigeration compressor(s), controls and the evaporator in the packaged unit. The condenser may be built-in or remote. Some packaged chillers may also include a hydronic unit comprising a chilled water buffer tank and a chilled water circulation pump.

Withnell Sensors partners ALS to provide field-erected and package refrigeration units and complete plants for industrial processes. The units can be supplied with either halocarbon refrigerants (R134a – R404A – R507) or alternatively with natural and hydrocarbon refrigerants (R717 –R744) in a refrigerating capacity range from 50 to 2.000 Kw. the units are also ATEX certified.

Typical working conditions are usually t= - 65°C and the units are mainly used for the pharmaceutical industry. The natural refrigerants used are ammonia - propane - propylene - ethane.

Refrigerating capacity from 50 to 2.000 Kw

Working Conditions: t = - 65°C

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ATEX certified


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