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One system, endless applications

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Temperature monitoring made easy

The SenseAnywhere temperature monitoring system is extremely versatile and reliable, with applications ranging from monitoring domestic wine cellars right through to large pharmaceutical warehouses. Despite the varying applications one thing that remains constant is the functionality of the system and countless user benefits that it provides. The wireless, cloud-based data loggers transmit data to the intuitive software portal, allowing for 24/7 monitoring through your smart device- modernising any temperature monitoring process. There is an abundance of other functions that springboard from this technological advancement, each providing added benefit based on the application. Let’s focus on three very different applications and discuss how the system benefits each one individually.

Seamless transportation monitoring

The first application we will look at is transportation monitoring. Transportation monitoring has always thrown up a few obstacles that historically have made seamless end-to-end monitoring throughout the journey challenging. The biggest challenge is to confirm that goods have stayed within defined temperature limits throughout the whole journey. This can be critical as there are many ‘pressure points’ that can impact the cold chain at various stages. Most data loggers are predominantly manually systems requiring lengthy configuration and data download. Often when a deviation is discovered, it is at the end of the journey, sometimes to late to intervene to protect the quality or integrity of the goods.

SenseAnywhere can offer live data with real-time deviation alerts, you do not need wifi, with the use of a 4G AccessPoint, you will receive instant alerts for temperature excursions. If connection is lost at any stage of the journey, the data loggers will still continue to collect data and store on an internal memory. The moment you regain connection, the data profile is back-filled ensuring a full transit data profile.

SenseAnywhere also has the special availability of Transport Alarms. Transport Alarms are automatic alarms which show you whether the sensitive goods have been transported under the right conditions or not. To use Transport Alarms, all you need is to scan a QR code on the outside of the transport packaging or an AiroSensor inserted in a SwitchHolder mounted in the container. At the beginning of the journey, the alarm can be started by scanning the QR code or sliding the AiroSensor in the SwitchHolder to “on”. A unique tracking ID can be entered for the journey in the SAClient Portal to link the transport to the shipment. When the goods arrive at the final destination, the transport alarm can be stopped by scanning the QR code again or sliding the SwitchHolder to “off”. Using the same tracking ID in SAClient you can quickly find the data for the transport. The shipper will receive an email or SMS, stating whether the temperature limits have been exceeded or not avoiding the lengthy manual search of the data. Proving why the system is the gold standard for transportation monitoring.  

Executing GMP-compliant mapping studies optimally

Temperature Mapping is the next application that we will explore. Temperature Mapping is the process of examining a storage area for any hot and cold spots. This information is extremely critical for the storage of temperature sensitive goods in warehouses, cold storage, fridges, freezers and more.

The key unique benefit that SenseAnywhere brings to this application is real-time wireless temperature mapping tools. When a SenseAnywhere AccessPoint is deployed during a mapping exercise, data becomes available in real time via the online portal. Providing the convenience of checking if all sensors are operational and set correctly at the beginning of the study. Data can also be viewed during the study allowing for optimum productivity and analysis.

The wireless data loggers also are accurate, reliable and robust with a minimal long-term drift, allowing you to have complete confidence in your mapping studies. To add, SenseAnywhere have worked extensively with validation professionals to develop a comprehensive and compliant mapping report that automates the data processing and makes the whole process very efficient and easy, whilst eliminating human-errors. SenseAnywhere’s real-time temperature mapping tools enable you to generate mapping reports that demonstrate the temperature profile throughout the storage area and help you to define zones which should not be used for storage of temperature-sensitive products or make the necessary changes so that they can be used for this purpose. These reports save a huge amount of time post-mapping study, samples of these reports can be previewed by speaking to one of our technical sales team.

24/7 Laboratory Protection

The last application of the three we’re looking at is Laboratory protection. Within a lab there are many different components that can require monitoring such as the lab itself as well as any storage areas that contain temperature sensitive materials. Many bio-medical or pharmaceutical labs have specific and strict requirements to meet when it comes to safety and traceability. You have to ensure the safety and efficacy of the refrigerated and frozen medicines or biological samples. And of course, for this application too, that is made easy and simple with SenseAnywhere.

If you are still checking your conditions manually, you’re running the risk of missed checks, inaccurate measurements and incomplete documentation. SenseAnywhere banished manual measurements through automated recording of the temperature every five minutes 24/7 365. If the temperature in the freezer, fridge or laboratory area deviates, SenseAnywhere will immediately send a real-time warning by email or SMS providing reassurance that everything is in check. These alarms mean that you can resolve the problem and save potentially precious samples and medicines and guarantee their safety and effectiveness. We actually use SenseAnywhere to monitor our very own high precision calibration laboratory where environmental conditions are controlled. We can say with conviction that we recommend the system from our own lab to yours.

There are many other applications for this system, it really does simplify temperature monitoring and optimise the process. One logger, countless applications!