Withnell Sensors Audit success
Audit Success for Withnell Sensors

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IRTD calibration

In House IRTD Calibrations

Philip de Freitas, Sales Manager at Withnell Sensors, recently was extremely proud to add an extra service to the company portfolio with the introduction of in-house calibrations of the Kaye IRTD. This service stands to compliment the existing offering perfectly and now leaves Withnell Sensors in the best possible position for supporting customers with the service of their Kaye equipment.

It seems that this project had been a priority focus for the team at Withnell Sensors for over 12 months and their celebratory mood was clearly evident upon gaining UKAS accreditation. The team have undoubtedly pulled together and put a great deal of commitment in whilst working alongside UKAS to prepare and present the extensive technical information and quality systems that were required. The Kaye IRTD is an instrument that the team are evidently passionate about and have gained a great deal of experience with in the past, in fact the team have a combined experience of over 40 years of dealing with this instrument. Philip de Freitas is keen to keep the lab entirely focused on the calibration of this product, he tells us ‘Our focus from the outset was always the Kaye IRTD, most of our team have worked with the IRTD for many years and we have respect for the calibration process as recommended by the Manufacturer. Most importantly, we understand how critical this instrument is for our customers and hope to offer an unrivalled and cost effect service from here on in.’

It is clear to see their commitment to quality when you walk around their state of the art laboratory. The lab forms the heart of the business head office based in Withnell, Lancashire. Paul Pillay, Technical Manager discussed the Lab development, ‘Although the last year has presented us with challenges it has been phenomenal to witness the progression in the lab both on an operational and technical level’. Each element of the calibration process has been carefully considered and Withnell Sensors have invested heavily in equipment selected to offer the best both in terms of accuracy and stability. So only the best it seems, this is certainly true of the calibration software. Tim Burgess, IT Manager demonstrates the bespoke software ‘The software was designed entirely for the calibration of the IRTD, obviously this required extensive validation but we felt that it was the best option to reduce the manual interventions with the process and therefore improving accuracy and repeatability which is crucial during calibration’
We discussed the impact of maintaining UKAS accreditation with the Quality Manager, ‘Implementing ISO 17025 has had many benefits not just for the lab but across the business as a whole. We have gained a great deal from working with UKAS and have valued the experience. We now have a solid foundation to continuously improve and develop the business to better serve our customers.’

Withnell Sensors may not present a threat to competition in terms of the expanse of their organisation however do not underestimate the value that this can offer in way of service and price competitiveness. If their commitment in the rest of their business is anything like their commitment on this project then it is understandable how they continue to maintain relationships with some of the world’s largest and leading pharmaceutical businesses.